Fueling Vehicles With Waste Vegetable Oil


Can more buses convert to biofuels?
Can more buses convert to biofuels?

Oil prices are on the rise again leading businesses and consumers to search for economical and environmentally friendly alternatives to fueling vehicles, homes and businesses. More and more of our customers are looking for pump package solutions to feed waste vegetable oil from grease traps and holding tanks to power vehicles and homes. Pumps help to filter waste vegetable oil such as restaurant waste trap grease so that these fluids can be used as fuel.

One of our customers is a school bus operator in Lee County, Florida and is experimenting with fueling a portion of their school bus fleet with waste vegetable oil.  The challenge is how to create a pumping system with limited space and budget constraints.  Our pump design engineers are in the final stages of creating a rear bumper mounted system using our Mud-Sucker FA Series pumps to assist in pumping purified waste vegetable oil to a holding tank located beneath the bus. Using an in-line piping design, we have reduced the amount of space needed while preserving the pumping power of the Mud Sucker brand pumps. This test project is one more step forward for Lee County’s environmental initiatives and a testimony to the Mud-Sucker’s versatility.

Wastecorp recognizes that biofuels may not replace fossil fuels anytime soon, but it will make up a growing part of the world’s energy supply and will be critical in efforts to reduce carbon emissions. These efforts start locally and Wastecorp is a proud partner with consumers, government agencies and small and large businesses alike.

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