How to Pump Manure Pit Slurry

Pump for manure pumping. Manure must be mixed with water
Pump for manure pumping. Manure must be mixed with water

One of the questions we most frequently here from farmers and ranchers is how to pump cow, sheep, hog or horse manure from one area of their farm to another using the right pumping equipment.  Most of the time, manure based slurries contain solids content ranging from 5% -15% solids. If your application is on the lower end of this range,  Mud Sucker FA Series are commonly used on farms to transfer slurry based or wet liquids to dry manure piles that absorb moisture. These two inch or three inch pumps can pump from 25-80 US GPM and can discharge from 300-500 feet on level land; we can help you determine the suction and discharge loss when pumping on inclines

Larger farms and ranches with hundreds of cattle, or those with higher solids content, have selected the Mud Sucker B Series Professional with a ball valve system to aid in crushing solids and create a uniform manure slurry for more efficient pumping. These pumps are available in electric, gas and diesel models with either a three inch or four inch connection with capabilities up to 280 GPM. Depending on where the manure pit is located you can select a trailer mounted model or a stationary model than can be mounted on your truck, ATV or wagon (we have designed systems for each). The most important factors for your farm or ranch to determine when considering a manure pump is how far (discharge) and how high (discharge head) the manure will travel. Generally, you will also want to determine approximately what solids content you have. These slurries can be of a pudding like consistency to a mud or clay like slurry.  Wastecorp technical support (1-888-829-2783) can help you customize your system with double diaphragm configurations and special attachments.

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