Cool Waste Oil Collection Pumping System From Our Customers

Waste Oil Pump
Waste Oil Pump

Mud Sucker 2FA Series Diaphragm pumps are known for their versatility for oil collection systems, especially waste trap grease, transmission fluids and motor oil. Many of our innovative customers also design their own collection systems. In the installation you see here, one customer used two Mud-Sucker 2FA-EC (electric) diaphragm pumps to set up a new waste oil collection system at a city bus depot. The bus depot collects motor oil and transmission oil in drain pans. The waste is then gravity fed into two, 275 gallon collection tanks, each tank having a pump and float system. The oil is then sucked up and discharged into a common 2″ riser travelling up 25 feet. The oil travels horizontally for 161 feet and then drops 25 feet into a larger storage tank. The suction and discharge height are well within the limits of these Mud-Sucker pumps.

Way to go! A safe waste oil collection system designed to help keep city bus running clean and improve maintenance. Photo courtesy of: United Industrial Services

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