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Maple Syrup Pump and Transport System
Maple Syrup Pump and Transport System

We are quickly approaching the season where maple-sugaring equipment comes into high demand in Northern areas of the United States and Canada. As a pump manufacturer, Wastecorp sees two very common client needs: The first is to design and manufacture pumps for maple syrup farms with between 400 and 600 taps. The second is to manufacture storage and transportation methods so that producers can move the maple sap. Jack R.’s recent inquiry from Dorchester, MA best exemplifies the maple syrup producer’s need for this type of equipment

Hi, our company operates a maple sugar processing farm in Northern Massachusetts. We have about 475 taps. We have two of your Mud Sucker 2FA-EC’s (electric diaphragm pumps) already and they work great for the maple sap transfer process. However, we are now looking for a way to temporarily store and transport the sap using FDA compliant methods. What can you suggest to us? Thanks, Jack R. Dorchester, MA

Jack, we have clients in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Ontario, Quebec, Canada, Maine and Vermont that use our honey wagon pump systems to store and transport maple sap. First of all, we prefer to call them containment systems. Our honey wagons can store the sap because the tanks are made of an FDA approved potable water tank. We can then coat the internals of the pump with food grade coatings as set forth by the FDA or provincial food safety regulatory agencies.

Diaphragm Pump for Maple Syrup Farms
Diaphragm Pump for Maple Syrup Farms

Jack, The most popular type of pump system for maple syrup producers is the Mud Sucker 2FA-EC, which you already have and we’re so glad that they are working well for you. As you know these diaphragm pumps are mechanically driven and are available in gas, electric, air and hydraulic systems.

The containment systems that are most popular is our HW-300 Series honey wagon that can store and transport up to 325 gallons of maple sap. We can use food grade hosing in place of the normal industrial duty hose that comes with the system. Our valving system makes it easy to pump the maple sap either into or out of the tank. We generally use the same Mud Sucker 2FA-EC that you have for the containment system pump, so we can either design the system with a new pump or ship it to you without the pump so you can simply bolt one of yours into the predrilled areas on the deck. If needed, you can ship one of your pumps back to the factory and we can do it for you.

Hope this helps Jack, and we are still waiting for delicious free samples of your maple syrup!

For more information on diaphragm pumps in the maple sugaring equipment industry contact Wastecorp Pumps at 1-888-829-2783 or email

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