Pump Stations for Expanding WWTP’s

Trash Pump
Trash Pump

Trash pump stations for expanding wastewater treatment plants are an effective way to transfer secondary sludge and raw effluent. Wastecorp recently designed and manufactured a four pump solution for an expanding community near Canada’s capital (see the video below). These trash pumps feature a 3” connection and each pump is capable of transferring 740 GPM.

These pumps feature several add on options for ease of maintenance and pump protection in the event of a closed valve or blockage in the line. First, the Trash Flow pumps were outfitted with spring loaded check valves and drain kit assemblies to reduce pump downtime during maintenance. The engineering specification called for Ashcroft pressure gauges and tungsten carbide mechanical seals  for improved life cycles. Read more about this installation in our recently published trash pump case study

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