Why Use Wastecorp Honey Wagons?

There is a big difference between Wastecorp honey wagons and others. To start, Wastecorp is an OEM pump manufacturer. Simply put, we design, manufacture and warranty our pump systems. We do not use third party pump suppliers or knock off pumps that have little or no warranty, or are difficult to service.
Locomotive pump out   What's Your Job?
Wastecorp manufactures honey wagons with your specific industry in mind. Railways, campgrounds, fertilizer applications and cruise ship operators all have specific needs. Wastecorp knows your industry.

High Performance Components
You won’t find the components that go into a Wastecorp honey wagon anywhere else. Patented Mud Sucker or Sludge Sucker hand pumps designed and manufactured by Wastecorp are standard equipment. We use top pump industry rated motors from Siemens, SEW Eurodrive, Honda and others that are proven to provide high performance pumping under our own factory testing procedures.
Everything You Need is Included in Your Package

The product photos you see on our web site include hoses, universal connections and all fittings. You do not need to buy anything else with your package to start pumping right away.

Customer Centered Product Focus
Whether you are a small campground owner or the facilities manager at a large RV park - you need a dependable product that will last through the long haul. When you call our service center you get connected to an expert pump salesperson who can help troubleshoot or provide helpful tips on how best to use your honey wagon.

Wastecorp honey wagons are covered by a no hassle one year warranty with free unlimited technical support during and after the warranty period. Our reputation depends on our products working well for you.