What is a Honey Wagon?

A honey wagon (HW) is a specialized waste containment system (WCS) to pump waste both into and out of a holding tank. The fluids that a honey wagon can carry are septic waste, general wastewater, waste hydraulic oil, waste machine oil, old motor oil, waste vegetable oil, biodiesel fluids, cooking oil and others. An HW or WCS is an option to contain waste for later disposal by construction sites, septic pumping companies, chemical companies, armed forces, RV resorts, campgrounds, marinas, commercial aviation, cruise ship operators, public venues, television studio production lots, communities with septic systems and locomotive restrooms. These users typically collect and dispose of waste at an approved dump station or disposal point.
Custom Fluid Containment
Honey wagon applications are expanding. Many pump users are now using honey wagons for fresh water distribution, fertilizer dispensing, biofuel production, waste oil, vegetable oil collection, farm equipment applications including manure spreading and livestock water distribution.
What Kinds of Liquids Does a Honey Wagon Pump?
Honey wagons can be used to pump almost any kind of liquid including toilet waste or bilge wastewater into a sealed container to reduce odor and maintain a sanitary environment. Spills and seepage are contained by using universal attachments equipped with “back-flow stop devices.” Honey wagons are available in truck mounted, trailer mounted, caddy style, golf cart mount and atv style systems. Be sure to check with your State or Provincial government for approved configurations for highway use.