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Do you want to be a pump distributor for diaphragm pumps, plunger pumps, trash pumps, double disc pumps, plunger pumps, vacuum pumps or marine pumps?

To locate a pump dealer call 1-888-829-2783 or email info@wastecorp.com Being part of the Wastecorp Pumps team gives your customers access to some of the most innovative niche pump products available today. We manufacture thousands of pump for applications including government, military, industry and recreational use. While most of our pump design and manufacturing is done in the United States and Canada, we are pursuing an aggressive international expansion and brand awareness campaign in Brazil, Russia, India, China and other markets.

Wastecorp has developed a competitive incentive program for our current and prospective dealer network. See the benefits of becoming part of team Wastecorp Pumps.

Access to our Growing Pump Brands and Industry Reputation

  • Mud Sucker® Diaphragm Pumps
  • Sludge Pro® Double Disc Pumps (Competes directly with Penn Valley double disc pumps)
  • Sludge Master® Plunger Pumps
  • Trash Flow® Self Priming Centrifugal Trash Pumps
  • Plunger Pump Parts for any make or model of plunger pump including (Komline-Sanderson, Carter and Others)
  • Super Duty® Vacuum Pumps. Vacuum pumps designed for marine and industrial use. Offer your customers custom control panels and either trailer mounted or skid mounted pump models.
  • Trash Flow® Dry Prime Pumps Do you want to compete in the pump market for dry prime pumps against Godwin Pumps, Gorman Rupp, Pioneer and others? Wastecorp has your answer .
  • Wastecorp Water Trailers Potable water delivery systems with tank sizes up to 2500 U.S. gallons
  • Wastecorp® Remediation Systems Also referred to as Vac truck systems, "honey wagons" and" pump outs". Designed for oil/chemical spill clean up, septic pump outs at campgrounds and backup sewage containment systems.
  • Sludge Sucker® Hand Pumps Manual diaphragm pumps for grout pumping, emergency bilge pumping and dewatering applications.

    Top 5 Reasons to Become a Wastecorp Pumps Dealer

    Customer Focused
    Have you ever tried to call one of the traditional big name pump companies? Many are focused on the traditional cookie cutter approach to pump sales and image building rather than helping the customer find proper solutions for their pumping needs. At Wastecorp, providing advanced custom pump solutions to the customer is the first priority.

    Short Delivery Times
    Your customers generally can select from in stock or order fill times ranging from 3-6 weeks. Wastecorp averages 3-4 weeks for non-custom pump orders.

    Pump Manufacturing Industry Reputation and Qualifications
    Wastecorp is an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified pump manufacturer. Wastecorp has manufactured pumps in the United States and Canada for 30 years. You get the project track record and customer satisfaction built in.

    Exclusive Pump Designs and Engineering
    Our pump patents and trademarks provides you with access to some of the most innovative pump designs for wastewater and sewage pumping in the world. The Mud Sucker brand diaphragm pump has been called remarkable for its innovation, versatility and long life cycles. Better yet, we are the only company who manufactures the Mud Sucker worldwide.

    A Company Focused on Building The Best Pump

    It's simple. Compare a Wastecorp brand pump to any mass produced comparable make or model and there really is no comparison. Attention to detail, precision engineering and even the way the pump is crated and shipped. The end user notices the details and you look better as a result.

    Professional Support Staff

    From specification help to trouble shooting and life cycle support, end users appreciate the personalized service from Wastecorp Pumps.

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