Sludge Sucker 1FA-DF (34-48)

34-48" Door Frame Grout Pump

Sludge Sucker 1FA-DF (34-48)

34-48" Door Frame Grout Pump

Sludge Sucker model 1FA-DF  Pump for grouting door frames 34"-48"

  • Availability: Minimum 3-5 Days To Process
  • $1,340.99 USD


Grouting 34"-48" door frames just got easier with the all new Sludge Sucker® Door Frame Grout Pump Series. The professional grouting system is ideal for residential or commercial building contractors who are looking to improve on the job productivity with grouting tasks

What's in the box:

  • Completely assembled Sludge Sucker® Professional manual grout pump 
  • 3.5 gallon galvanized hopper funnel
  • Industrial grade grout hosing
  • Hose frame support beam
  • Aluminum camlock on discharge

Maximum Pump Performance Range

  • Capacity: 18 GPM @ (1.2 qt per stroke)
  • Max Pressure: 15 psi
  • Discharge Head: 10' vertical/25' horizontal
  • Solids Handling: 1" dia or 50% by volume

Pump Specifications 

  • Maximum Liquid Temperature: 140°F (60°C) continuous
  • Pump body casing: aluminum
  • Diaphragm: 7" fabric reinforced BUNA-N
  • Acceptable grout materials: most types of cementitious grout
  • Pump is not recommended to transfer chemical based epoxy grouts

Mixing Ratio Recommendation

  • Most grout manufactures offer a choice of three mixing ratios: fluid, flowable and plastic
  • Sludge Sucker® Grout pump perform best when the ratio consistency is between fluid and flowable
  • It is also recommended to use products such as “Slick Willie” or  “Slick-Pak”  to help reduce line pressure and reduce overall friction in the pump and hose system 

Other Information

  • Item ships 2-3 business days after order
  • Express shipping available
  • Item #: 63874-00
  • Manufacturer: Sludge Sucker Door Frame Grout Pumps

Standard Features

Accessories and Configurations
62754-00 Basic Spare Parts Kit
Board Mounted (HDPE)
Standard Connection Type
Alum. Male Camlocks


3.5 Gallon (14 quarts) Galvanized Steel

Pump Specifications

Max. Discharge Head
10' Vertical, 25' Horizontal
Max. Flow Capacity
18 GPM
Max. Liquid Temperature
140°F (60°C) continuous
Power Transmission
Solids Handling
1" Dia. or 50% by Volume
Suction/Discharge Size

Materials of Construction

7" OD Neoprene
Flapper Valves
Rubber 60 Duro (Suction); Reinforced Neoprene (Discharge)
Pump Castings
Aluminum A356
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