Case Study: Marina and Campground


Tern Harbor Marina, MA

Model selected

Pump out station Using Mud Sucker Diaphragm Pumps

Flow rate

Up to 25 GPM

Fluid type

Bilge waste, wastewater, dirty water, solids


Provide a new pump out facility for 150 slip marina.

Tern Harbor Marina


Tern Harbor Marina is a full service family marina located in Norfolk County, Massachusetts. Tern Harbor can accommodate up to 50 ft. vessels with 150 deep water slips. The marina has 12 moorings and is .5 nautical miles to open water. The season starts May 31 - Oct. 31st each year. 


Federal law in the United States takes the water quality in coastal areas seriously. Under the federal Clean Water Act, it is illegal to discharge untreated raw sewage from a vessel within three miles from shore. This includes the Great Lakes and navigable rivers. No discharge areas (NDA), which exclude grey water and sink water is an important development in protecting human health in all areas. For marina’s, having a pump out facility helps to protect water quality and the marine environment. Tern Harbor needed a pump out station to accommodate the needs of heavier boat traffic in the summer months with a dependable pump out station that would last for years. 


For Tern Harbor’s needs, Wastecorp recommended the complete marina pump out station, standard model. The standard package includes the industry leading Mud Sucker 2FA-EC electric diaphragm pump, fiberglass enclosure with locking capability and hose stand with automatic controls. One of the best parts of this package is that it includes our heavy duty accessories kit with marine deck adapters and universal connections. These accessories help to get boats in and out of the pump out facility quicker by reducing the time it takes to perform pump out services. 

Why Wastecorp?

Wastecorp has 20 years of experience providing high performance pumping equipment for marinas and campgrounds of all sizes. We work with your facilities manager to provide the right package for your needs. Plus, if your facility needs to increase pump out capacity in the future, we can provide add on components to your existing program.

Nothing Tougher

Wastecorp pump outs are designed for the long haul. During peak periods at your marina, you need a dependable pumping system to service your customers quickly and cost effectively - Wastecorp delivers.

Nothing Quite Like it.

Wastecorp designs and manufactures our pump out systems with the industry’s top components. Your system is covered by a full one year warranty and on-site installation if required. 

Tern Harbor Marina Includes a 35 ton travel lift and features a face dock accommodating yachts up to 110 ft.

Optional manual or automated hose reel available

Pump out includes all heavy duty attachments for a quick pump out

The complete pump out shipped to your marina with the ability to add on additional pumps as your facility grows