Case Study: Digester Transfer Pumps


Village of Ossining, NY Dept. of Public Works Wastewater Treatment Plant Equipment Upgrade

Model selected

HPE-1143 Triplex Plunger Pumps

Quantity Ordered

2 Pumps

Flow rate

Max. 400 GPM

Fluid type

Municipal sewage and sludge

Consulting Engineer

GHD, Stearns and Wheler Consulting Engineers


Provide heavy duty sludge transfer pumps for plant upgrade

City of Edmonton - Gold Bar Wastewater Treatment Plant


Pumping sewage in an urban area of over eight million people can be a challenging task and that’s exactly what the City of New York and surrounding communities like Westchester County must contend with. Ossining Waste Water Treatment Plant is located about 30 miles (50 km) from Manhattan and within walking distance to Sing Sing Correctional facility.


The City of New York and Westchester County have some of the most rigorous global standards that equipment providers must meet in order to be approved for government wastewater treatment projects. Manufacturing ability, track record and premium component design are all hallmarks of the review process. When added to the highly competitive marketplace, any pump manufacturer must have a proven project team ready to aid in the equipment specification, budgetary considerations and hands-on technical support assistance.

The Project

Wastecorp was selected by Stearns and Wheler Consulting Engineers and the mechanical contractor over a wide field of other bidders to provide the next generation HPE-1143 plunger pump. Wastecorp replaced two existing pumps that were in service for several years. The new plunger pumps feature suction and discharge gauges, a heavy duty guided piston assembly for reduced component wear and an automatic oiler system for easy lubrication.

Project Commitment

From the initial specification to the final installation, Wastecorp provided the expertise and experience in the pump manufacturing business to aid in the smooth operation of the project. Our classroom training component helped facility staff learn about important advances in plunger pump technology. Maintenance crews were trained in time saving maintenance procedures that will help the plant get years of heavy duty sludge pumping service.

More City environmental protection agencies are requiring manufacturers to take a more hands on approach when training facility staff. This has always been part of Wastecorp’s business model.


Wastecorp offers complete packaged pump solutions with control panels and VFD drive systems.
Wastecorp working with the mechanical contractor on installation day, Ossining Dept. of Public Works.
With protective coatings, guided plunger assemblies and gauges, Ossining will enjoy decades of heavy duty sludge transfer services.
Ossining replaced two existing plunger pumps with the next generation Wastecorp Plunger Pump HPE-1143 Series.