Case Study: Plunger Pumps - Municipal Sanitary Sewage


Taipei, Taiwan Dept. of Public Works - Sanitary Sewage

Model selected

PE 1142 Duplex Plunger Pumps

Quantity Ordered

30 Pumps

Flow rate

Max. 247 GPM

Fluid type

Municipal sewage, RAS, WAS

Consulting Engineer

Topco Scientific Co. Ltd.


Upgrade existing sewage treatment pumps at one of Taipei’s largest Wastewater treatment plants


The Taipei City government has made a significant commitment and investment in recent years to upgrading and expanding its wastewater treatment facilities and equipment. Many of these facilities are located close to the Danshui River, along a 25 Km stretch southwest of Keelung, Taiwan. The water pollution control facilities serve almost seven million residents in the Taipei metropolitan area which includes Taipei City and Keelung City.


The Department of Environmental Protection conducted an extensive review of replacing the 30 existing plunger pumps in service since the late 1980’s. Competing manufacturers and sewage treatment technologies were evaluated by Topco Scientific a Taiwan based high technology and environmental engineering services firm1. Topco awarded the contract to Wastecorp Plunger Pumps to design and manufacture the 30 plunger pumps for a specific facility upgrade. The pumps are specified for digester recirculation and transferring raw municipal sewage.

PE 1142 Plunger Pumps

Wastecorp’s PE 1142 plunger pumps are specified for the heavy duty raw sewage, and waste activated sludge transfer pumps needed for the metropolitan area. The specification called for hydrostatic testing in accordance with Hydraulic Institute standards and factory witness testing by representatives of Topco and Taipei City government officials.

The Taipei government is upgrading many of its waste water treatment plants with proven equipment for the transfer of raw sewage and waste water.


Materials Preparation

The first step in the production of any plunger pump is the manufacturing of the pump base, the foundation for plunger pump sewage treatment technology. This project specification called for bear metal to be cleaned in accordance with SSPC-SP-8 standards. An IPG alkyd inhibitive primer is applied to all components to ensure corrosion resistant performance for the long term.

Plunger Pump Production

Wastecorp’s plunger pump assembly team have 10 years minimum experience in both plunger pump production and hydraulic Institute testing procedures. All components, from the Siemens Motox constant speed helical gear motors to the A41140 high strength alloy main shafts undergo rigorous factory tests and witness testing from the consulting engineer and representatives of the Taipei City government.

Final Steps