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Wastecorp is a manufacturer of pumps for industrial applications. From waste pumping to oil transfer pumps, coolant, food processing pumps and industrial wastewater, you have the option of a variety of professional grade pumps for your application.

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Industrial Wastewater Pump

Industrial companies looking to responsibly transfer waste oil and wastewater have found success with Wastecorp’s Mud Sucker 2FA Series diaphragm pumps. This was just the case for one of Virginia’s busiest rail yards that recently upgraded their wastewater treatment system and runoff control operations. 

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Water/Paint Blasting Applications

Waterblasting Technologies Inc., contacted Wastecorp seeking recommendations for pumps to feed its rubber marking removal process on airport runways. The pump specification called for the pumping unit to be powered by the service truck’s existing hydraulic fluid lines.   Wastecorp recommended the Mud Sucker 2FA-HP hydraulic powered pump Series. The 2FA easily connects to the hydraulic line of the truck with a Parker Torqmotor operating at 60 RPM (1000-1300 psi). 

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