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Municipal wastewater pumping can take many forms depending on if the facility relies on gravity flow or pumping equipment to act as an intermediary. Such systems are typically called sewage lift stations or just lift stations. It also depends on where the wastewater is coming from such as household toilets/sewer system, stormwater drains or commercial wastewater.


Some wastewater treatment facilities have intake pumping stations to transfer the raw wastewater and pump it through grinders or screens. In warm and cold climates the pumping equipment requirements may be different. For example in colder climates spring run-off can include grit from salt or sand and the pumps you select will have to have materials of construction that are designed to pump through these conditions with minimal wear to components.


The modern reality of municipal wastewater pumping is the presence of organic solids, sanitary wipes, plastics and other objects. This requires a municipal wastewater treatment operator and local consulting engineers to think seriously about the pumping equipment being installed. Wastecorp offers several non-clog pump products to pump tough media with minimal annual maintenance requirements.


Suggested Municipal Wastewater Pump Products Include:

Hurricane Preparedness and Recovery Pumps

Wastecorp is a manufacturer and supplier of pumps to Hurricane preparedness and disaster relief organizations. We specialize in waste containment systems, mobile trash pumps, water trailers and diaphragm pumps.

Primary Sludge Pumps

Wastecorp is a manufacturer of primary sludge pumps for municipal wastewater treatment plants. Our range of products include plunger pumps, double disc pumps, self priming centrifugal pumps and diaphragm pumps.

Sewage Bypass Pumps

Wastecorp is an ISO 9001 certified sewage bypass pump manufacturer. We specialize in wet prime, dry prime pumps, mobile double disc pumps, mobile plunger pumps and diaphragm pumps.

Sludge Pumping

Wastecorp is a manufacturer of sludge pumps with a 30 year track record and ISO 9001 certification.

Stormwater and Flooding Pumps

Wastecorp is a manufacturer and supplier of stormwater and flooding pumps for government and industry. A wide variety of options are available.

Wastewater Pumps

Wastecorp Pumps specializes in manufacturing a variety of wastewater pumps for influent, raw effluent, sludge transfer and lift stations focusing on primary, secondary and tertiary wastewater treatment.

WWTP Pump Manufacturer

Wastecorp is a manufacturer of sewage, sludge pumps and waste water pumps for wastewater treatment facilities (WWTP).


Case Studies

The District Municipality Of Muskoka

The District towns of Muskoka required a higher volume water trailer as a source for watering trees, new landscaping as well as dust control on rural roads. Wastecorp recommended, designed and manufactured our Wastecorp WT-1600 Series water wagon which includes a severe duty triple axle stability system and electric brakes. 

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Municipal Trash Pumps

Wastecorp was awarded the contract to provide four Trash Flow model TFCC-3B self priming trash pumps to Wendover WPCP. These pumps have a 3” connection and several add-on options to fulfill the facility requirements. The pumps were also manufactured with tungsten carbide mechanical seals for extended wear life and oil lubricated ball bearings. Ashcroft pressure gauge kits were included on each pump to monitor pressure and provide the operator with performance data. 

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Municipal Sewage Pump Improvement Project

Winter in northern climates brings a host of challenges for municipal sewage pumping. With heavy rain and snowfall, America sewage treatment plants must pump through a cycle of runoff and grit in addition to pumping raw activated sludge from December through April every year. Only the toughest sludge pumps can provide a long life cycle and reduced component wear through these design conditions.

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Public Utility Pump Applications

Wright-Pierce Engineers specified the Mud Sucker walking beam diaphragm pump series with a 4” connection and fluid handling capabilities of 110 GPM. The walking beam series features both suction and discharge valve chambers that hold a 5 1/8” ball valve to help prevent clogging when pumping thickened municipal sewage. 

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Digester Transfer Pumps

Pumping sewage in an urban area of over eight million people can be a challenging task and that’s exactly what the City of New York and surrounding communities like Westchester County must contend with. Wastecorp was selected to provide the next generation HPE-1143 plunger pump. Wastecorp provided the expertise and experience in the pump manufacturing business to aid in the smooth operation of the project. Our classroom training component helped facility staff learn about important advances in plunger pump technology. 

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Plunger Pump Primary Sewage Pump Improvement Project

This wastewater treatment plant selected Wastecorp’s Sludge Master PE-942 Plunger pump with direct drive motor and 4” ANSI connections. The PE-942 plunger pump is capable of pumping municipal sewage up to 170 GPM with up to 180 ft. of head. The facility also selected an advanced pump packing system with Kevlar and Teflon rings top provide the ultimate in leak resistance.

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Plunger Pumps - Municipal Sanitary Sewage

The Taipei government is upgrading many of its waste water treatment plants with proven equipment for the transfer of raw sewage and waste water.

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