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New Product 1


Severe Duty Design

Looking for an alternative to a large vac truck? What about adding a less expensive unit to your fleet? Expand your service business without breaking the bank while getting similar performance that you would with a vacuum truck. With Wastecorp's Super Duty TVP Series Vacuum Trailers, you can maximize your investments for years to come.

All-In-One Systems

Wastecorp Vacuum trailers are available with waste only tanks, combination waste and water compartments or auxilary water services. You can also add jetter systems to maximize your customer service offerings.

Custom Configurations

Looking for gas, diesel or electric vacuum pump systems? How about digital tank level indicators, flow meters or control panels? With Wastecorp, you get a pump manufacturing expert with a long track record in high quality systems.

Product Features





Tank Sizes 3000, 4000 or 5000 gallons
Dual Compartment  Waste only and waste and water available
Trailer Options DOT compliant goose neck, fifth wheel, standard
CFM 230, 363, 512 or 1000 CFM