Super Duty TVP-200-100 Series200/100 Gallon Skid Mounted Dual Compartment Vacuum Pump

The TVP-200 skid mounted (slide-in) vacuum pump system features a 200 gallon waste compartment and a 100 gallon water compartment.

  • 200 gallon waste  compartment
  • 100 gallon fresh water compartment
  • 92-520 CFM
  • Skid mounted configuration
  • Financing available

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The TVP-200-100 skid mounted(slide-in), dual compartment vacuum pump system can be mounted either on land or in a truck. The vacuum tank is engineered with a 200 gallon waste compartment and a 100 gallon fresh water compartment in the same tank .Select from high power 92-520 CFM vacuum power for the toughest high suction pumping applications.

Pump System

A vacuum pump is designed for high suction pumping needs like grease waste, grit, wastewater containing solids and other tough fluids. Pumps are available with 92-520 CFM vacuum power depending on your application.

Configuration Options

All Wastecorp Super Duty vacuum pump systems are available as trailer mounted, truck mounted or skid mounted units. Wastecorp can custom mount your vacuum pump on an existing truck for additional charge.

Manway Openings

Optional man way allows access to tank interior 20”, 25” or 36” diameter sizes.

Tank Level Indicator

Optional tank fluid level indicator or sight glass is available as an option.

Offload Port

Standard 3”,4” or 6” offload port are available. Customer must specify at the time of order. Wastecorp also offers a Tilt-N-Go system to automatically tilt the tank and offload waste.

Engine Options

Select from gas or diesel engines to power your vacuum pump.

Vacuum Pump Financing

Financing for your Super Duty Vacuum Pump is available. Contact you Wastecorp representative at 1-888-829-2783 for more information.


Wastecorp is a high rated pump manufacturer with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification. With a long track record in vacuum pump system manufacturing, you are investing in the best system from one of the best pump manufacturers. The best part is your vacuum pump system is manufactured near you.


Standard Features

Accessories and Configurations
* 2" x 50 ft Non-Collapsible Suction Hose; * 30" Sch. 80 PVC Wand; * Sight Glass; * Hose Stand; * Tool Box * 50 ft Wash Down Hose * Access Manway; * Tank Level Indicator; * Rear End / Side Mounted Pump (Waste); * Wash Down Pump * Tank Tilt System
Skid Mounted

Optional Features

Optional Drives
9 HP Honda Gas Engine (115CFM); 13 HP Honda Gas Engine (180CFM); 6 HP Yanmar Diesel Engine (70CFM); 10 HP Yanmar Diesel Engine (115CFM); 10 HP Yanmar Diesel Engine (180CFM); 30 HP gas/diesel (520 CFM)

Pump Specifications

Performance Range - Max. Capacity
92-520 CFM
Power Transmission
Standard 8HP Honda Gas Engine (92 CFM). See optional drives for higher HP and CFM (vacuum power)
Tank Size
200 USG Waste, 100 USG Fresh Water (Aluminum or Steel)

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