Single Disc Pumps - Coupled

Sludge Pro single disc pumps use one trunnion to pump up to 127 GPM. Select from either the Sludge Pro Space Saver or the standard Sludge Pro simplex model.

Single Disc Pumps - Coupled


Powerful and Compact Solids Handling Pumps

Wastecorp’s Sludge Pro single disc pumps are ideal for applications and sewage volume that do not require a double disc pump. Pump up to 127 GPM for municipal or industrial solids and slurry applications.

The Only Double Disc Pump Manufacturer That Offers Clack Valve and Ball Valve Models

Wastecorp clack valves can pass up to 2 ½” solids, the highest solids handling capability of any disc pump. Access both the suction and the discharge in seconds. The operator simply twists the handle and inspects. By far the simplest double disc pump to maintain on the market.

Custom Configure for Your Your Application

Do you have air hose lines at your facility? How about hydraulic or engine driven needs? Wastecorp has you covered with almost countless configuration options for your facility. Wastecorp engineering has seen almost every kind of custom disc pump request. We’re happy to help.


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