A Pump for Volcano Eruptions?

Mud-Sucker FA Series
Mud Sucker FA Series Diaphragm Pumps

This Wastecorp Mud-Sucker Pumps Lava (The faux kind anyway).

A  new customer recently caught our attention when they requested more information on a pump to transfer lava. After a brief pause and an explanation, the customer mentioned that the pumps would be used to transfer and circulate faux lava at a new themed attraction with a focus on modern tourism. When we looked at the consistency of the liquid being pumped, we found that the Mud-Sucker FA Series would be an ideal solution. This sounds like a great attraction and one which we hope will be (pardon the pun) hot for our customer. Wastecorp is pleased to be a part of theme park fluid handling needs across the world. From water rides, themed attractions, general water handling needs to faux lava pumping, Wastecorp is enjoying the ride with our entertainment based customers.


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