Selecting Your Farm or Ranch Pump System

farm pump
farm pump

No one can argue that having a simple diaphragm pump for farm and ranch applications can be a lifesaver and time saver. Whether you’re pumping manure, silt from a pond, fruit juice or vegetable matter and more,having a trusted pump by your side can mean the difference between having aconsistently reliable pump and one that is nothing but hassles or in need of repair. Troy from Sandusky Ohio, has been a farmer in the area for decades. Here’s part of the discussion we had with him about his pumping needs and some recommendations we made:

“I’ve tried, Wacker, Varisco, Wilden and AMT pumps and none of them have been able to stand up to my needs around the farm. I’ve looked at your Mud Sucker and it seems like a heftier pump. I need to pump a bunch of different liquids including manure slurry, occasionally pulp slurry from our fruit farm and dewatering from our 2.5 acre pond. I’m looking for a diaphragm pump that will work in the 4” range that will attach to suction hoses. I currently have a 42 hp Kubota tractor PTO that could be a powering option (if you have anything for PTO mounting). What does Wastecorp suggest.”

Thanks –Troy, Sandusky OH

Troy, you are well on your way to getting what you need because you are following three simple principles: 1)know your application 2. Know your pump manufacturer and 3. Make your decision.

1. Know Your Application

We encourage all pump users to understand what they need their pump to do for them. This means knowing theaverage size of solids that go through the pump, what they will be using the diaphragm pump for and consider what the future future handling needs may be. This way, your sales rep will be better able to mage recommendations

2. Know Your Pump Manufacturer

Troy also knows his manufacturers. Some companies manufacture diaphragm pumps that are simply peripheral products for them, meaning they aren’t part of their core business or primary products. In short you are getting a pump from a big name that means nothing for your application. At Wastecorp, our Mud Sucker Diaphragm Pumps are the core products of our company. We spend thousands of hours designing and perfecting mechanical diaphragm pump technology. They’re a bit more expensive to start but last the long haul and most customers admit they are worth every cent. Your spare parts needs are also lower with Mud Sucker’s than with other makes.

3. Make Your Decision

Once you have all the facts, consider what you need most. Do you want a trouble free pump that is designed for specifically what you are pumping or another make that was designed for a cookie cutter approach that may or may not work for the long haul.

Getting back to Troy’s issue, we finally recommended that Troy go with a Mud Sucker 4B-MDD trailer mounted. We designed a trailer specifically for his needs including a wide axle so he can tow the pump with his Kubota tractor. The double diaphragm configuration will allow troy to pump the thicker slurries like manure and the dewatering in his pond. We decided not to go with the PTO powering option even though this option is available for all Mud Sucker pumps. The Honda engine with auto start that we specified was selected for its durability and ease of use

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