Car Wash Waste Pit Pumps

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Car wash waste pit pump. This pump can be used at commercial car washes, car dealership wash bays, bus maintenance terminals and more

Car wash waste pit pumps are an important waste management tool for the thousands of car wash locations in the United States, Canada and the world. Customers who are constructing new collection pits or retrofitting existing pits typically seek pump engineering support for the right equipment to do the job economically

Planning Your Car Wash Pump Out System

The following question is one we hear often:
What kind of pump do you recommend for pumping out primary and secondary car wash traps with dual 500 gallon traps? How long does it take to pump out a 500 gallon pit?”
One of the most popular pumps for waste pit pumping is the Mud Sucker 2FA-M Series. With a 20 GPM transfer capability this pump is great for car wash waste. The waste pit generally becomes full with grit, silt, oil residue from cars and other oils. The pump must have the capability to transfer this variety of liquids. We also suggest placing the pump from 10-15 ft. from the pit with hosing to get the job done. Within 10 minutes for most applications the pit is empty.

Car Dealership Sump pit pump
Mud Sucker 2B Series pump in a BMW dealership sump pit car wash bays

If you can’t discharge into the municipal sewer system, we suggest a 500 gallon or above honey wagon. This can collect the car wash waste and then you can discharge at an approved dump station If you need a higher capacity pump we suggest going with the Mud Sucker 3FA Series with an 80 GPM capacity.

What Do Car Washes Typically Use To Pump Out Grit?

Wastecorp has worked with Ford dealerships, BMW dealerships and GM dealerships to standardize how their wash bay grit is pump out. It is typically a variation between a Mud Sucker 2B-M (shown in the photo above) and a Mud Sucker 3FA Series. All have worked well especially in the colder climate States and Provinces when you see lots of road grit in the winter washing down in the sump pits. Over 200 car dealerships, aircraft wash bays and maintenance terminals use Mud Sucker pumps in their sump pits to pump out grit. These pumps have worked well for airlines when cleaning and deicing aircraft and when transportation authorities clean off subway and bus grit.

High Suction Power Vacuum Pumps for Car Wash Servicing

Car wash bay servicing. Designed to pump out public car wash bays and car dealership wash bay waste pits

For car, bus or truck wash servicing businesses, Wastecorp has developed the Super Duty vacuum pump series. These trailer mounted or slide in units have steel tanks to withstand the daily punishment of pump outs. Pumping out waste oil, grit, wastewater and other solids are pumped out quickly to maximize your productivity. We don’t tend to work with aluminum tanks because they are more fragile than steel. If punctured, an aluminum tank may require replacement or significant repairs.  

Car wash grit pump

Depending on the size of your business, Wastecorp has several options for new business owners and established pump out fleets. The model shown here is the Super Duty TVP-450 which is popular for auto and truck wash maintenance companies. With a 450 gallon capacity with the option of splitting the tank between waste and water, you’ll have the right partner to service your customers at the fraction of the cost of a vacuum truck.

Wastecorp Super Duty Vacuum Pump Car Wash Servicing Series

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