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Waste Containment Systems
Waste Containment Systems

Personal waste containment systems or “honey wagons” as they are sometimes called in the pump industry have come along way in just the last few years. In response to the soaring costs of vac truck services, everyone from those needing septic pumping, waste oil pumping and used vegetable oil transfer have found an economical alternative in owning a personal waste containment systems. Lance from Medina, TX highlights many of the inquiries we get for such applications:

“We have about 30 sites in an oilfield with septic systems plus oil slurry residuals to pump. We no longer wish to use our local vac truck services as the costs have become prohibitive and we have an EPA approved dumpsite close to the site. Please provide a proposal on a suitable waste containment system for our needs as well as a pump that can handle thicker liquids.” Thank you – Lance M. Medina, Texas

 Well Lance, In the video above one of Wastecorp’s pump experts talks about an ideal system for industrial waste containment, the HW-1600. This includes a 1635 gallon tank and a corrosion resistant galvanized deck and trailer frame. The benefit here is that if you are storing your pump system outside or frequently use it in inclement weather, you will reduce chances for corrosion. The best part is the pumps you can select include patented Mud Sucker Diaphragm pump technology. Mud Sucker’s are available in several connection sizes and in solids handling models for thicker oil slurries and normal duty flapper valve models. Generally, a personal waste containment system will pay for itself within a calendar year when compared to using a vac truck service. Obviously this depends on the amount of pump outs you do and what size you select, but overall, the personal waste containment system is an excellent investment. See the complete selection by clicking here or contact us at 1-888-829-2783 to learn more.

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