Vacuum Pumps: What You Should Know

When looking for a vacuum pump there are several questions that you should be considering.
First you need to establish weather or not you need a diaphragm pump or an actual vacuum pump. This question can be addressed by knowing the following:
What are you pumping?

Vacuum Pump Manufacturer
Vacuum Pump Manufacturer

Waste trap grease, caked in sediment, hardened mud and thicker fluids are all good applications for a vacuum pump. Why? These types of fluids require high suction power to either transfer the fluid in the case of waste trap grease or loosen the caked in mud and sediment. We see this a lot when a customer has a waste fluid pit and the water sits on top in the pit or tank and the mud, silt sediment or grease sits on the bottom. To get that material through the pump you need a high rate of vacuum power. Application Details

Wastecorp is one such supplier of vacuum pumps and there are few vacuum pump applications that we haven’t addressed already. Many of our customers have septic pump out needs for railways, public transit, porta pottys and wash bay pits that need to be pumped out for example. These range from truck and bus wash bays for municipalities to car dealer ship service bay pumps and privately owned car washes for the public. When sediment builds up over time at the bottom of waste pits, they become difficult to pump and the need for a high suction system to pump out is required.

Waste trap grease (or similar consistencies) are an application we get a lot of as well. Waste trap grease becomes difficult to pump, especially when temperatures drop and the fluid consistency thickens. There are many businesses that offer vac truck services to pump out grease. However, when considering the annual costs of having such a service, many businesses (and small businesses) have elected to get there own vacuum pumps to offset the costs.

Wastecorp vacuum pump
Wastecorp vacuum pump

Vacuum Pump Models Available

There are many vacuum style pump products available. Wastecorp offers a complete vacuum pump and tank system for example. With this system you select the tank size you need and consider wether you require a waste tank exclusively or a waste tank plus rinse compartment as well. The added benefit of a rinse tank compartment is that you have a fresh water source with its own pump and hose system mounted directly within the same unit. This offers you waste pump out and rinse services all in one unit which is a huge productivity booster.

Vacuum pump tank sizes

Wastecorp packages start off at 300 gallons and go up to 1000 gallons and beyond. For dual compartment tanks (waste and water) we offer splits of between 300 waste/100 water, 450/200 and beyond. This vacuum pump brochure can how you more of the models and parts numbers. Pricing for these models of vacuum pump start at around $8,000 and go up to $30,000. For businesses that must adhere to local environmental compliance regulations this can be a small price to pay compared to the cost of either hiring a service or fines.

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