Sludge Pumping in New York With Sludge Master Plunger Pumps

Plunger pump
Plunger pump for sewage treatment. Pump was approved by consulting engineers to transfer primary sludge

Pumping sewage for a city of over eight million people can be a challenging task and that’s exactly what the City of New York and surrounding communities like Westchester County must contend with.  Wastecorp completed a plunger pump sludge moving project for the Ossining Waste Water Treatment Plant; a facility located about 30 miles from Manhattan and within walking distance to Sing Sing Correctional facility.  Wastecorp’s plunger pumps were approved by GHD Consulting Engineers. Mace Contracting completed the installation. See  video

Ossining replaced two existing plunger pumps with next generation Wastecorp Plunger Pumps HPE Series -triplex model HPE 1142. The pumps are designed to transfer thickened sludge to loading trucks that haul it away for sanitary treatment.  The pumps feature heavy duty 11” plungers with a guided stuffing box system to reduce wear on the packing, plungers and connecting rods read more about the guided stuffing box system.

Part of Wastecorp’s onsite activities included our extensive classroom training program for facility maintenance staff. Plunger pump training helps staff to optimize performance of the pumping equipment and makes regular maintenance easier, quicker and safer. During the presentation staff learned how to service major components of the pumps including replacing the packing, plunger and connecting rods

Ossining is just one of the New York City areas buzzing with primary sewage treatment upgrade activities. Major upgrades are also planned for the Hunts Point Wastewater Treatment Plant in the Bronx and New Rochelle Wastewater Treatment Plant.

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