Compact Marine Pump Out System Makes Debut

pump out vessels
A compact method to pump out vessels and boats of almost any size. You can apply for a Clean Vessel Act grant to get a Wastecorp marine pump out for your marina.

If your marina is looking for a compact dock side pump out station this season check out the ultra compact Mud Sucker Marine pump out system. The best part about this system is that it was completely engineered with marina operator input. Last season, we asked marinas what new pump out products would most benefit their boaters and improve the overall sanitation system of their marina.

Almost unanimously, marinas expected more compact systems for 2020, with easy-to-use controls and safety built in. Our Mud Sucker pump outs were once again given top ratings by both boaters and marine operators.

What makes the Mud Sucker Compact marine pump out unique is that the entire pump out system sits on a pedestal starting at less than 34″ (49″ with hose stand included) W x 43″ H. You choose between a fiberglass or stainless steel enclosure. All the accessories you need, like a spill proof universal pump out nozzle for any vessel, crush proof hosing, hose stand and standard on/off function is included. Like all of our pump out systems, you can lock the enclosure for added security.

Pump out with fiberglass enclosure
Pump out with fiberglass enclosure

New for this season, you can customize your pump out with automated remote controls and stainless steel hardware for the ultimate in convenience and corrosion resistance. For U.S. customers, make sure you apply for a grant under the clean vessel act which can save you time and money for being a clean marina. Canadian customers can consult your local Provincial Ministry of the Environment agency for clean water programs. For more information on Mud Sucker compact pump outs contact

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