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By: John R. Horn PharmD, FCCP

  • Professor of Pharmacy, School of Pharmacy, University of Washington
  • Associate Director of Pharmacy Services, Department of Medicine, University of Washington Medicine, Seattle


Changing diapers fre or other germs or if some other type of skin condition is quently can help to discount 50mg kamagra erectile dysfunction quiz test prevent diaper rash best kamagra 100mg erectile dysfunction heart attack. The same is true for diaper rash Call our office if diaper rash doesn’t improve with treat with infection cheap 100 mg kamagra amex high cholesterol causes erectile dysfunction, especially with Candida buy kamagra 50mg on-line erectile dysfunction pills in malaysia. These podcasts are designed to give medical students an overview of key topics in pediatrics. My name is Annie Poon, I am a third-year medical student at the University of Alberta. Counsel caregivers on treatment of irritant dermatitis this podcast will include descriptions of rashes. If you are less familiar with the terminology to describe rash morphology, there is a great PedsCases podcast on Approach to Pediatric Rashes which you might want to listen to first! Let’s start with a case here: You are in a community pediatrician’s office and are seeing 6 month-old girl in follow-up named Allie with complaints of a “diaper rash. So, thinking about the different types of diaper rashes you know or have read about, how would you distinguish them July 24, 2019 Starting with rashes caused by the diaper: the most common would be: 1) Irritant contact dermatitis: the moist environment of the diaper and the prolonged contact and friction of soiled diapers irritates sensitive skin. Irritant contact dermatitis presents as erythematous patches on convex surfaces, sparing inguinal creases. The fact that the rash spares the folds is key to differentiating it from other diaper rashes, and if you think about it, it makes sense. The skin in the folds is protected from direct contact with the diaper, and gets less irritation than the skin that is rubbing directly against the diaper. To distinguish from Irritant Contact Dermatitis, Candida will usually involve inguinal creases, with discrete/separate satellite pustules and papules, and scaling along the margins. The rash can start out as a primary candidal infection or develop as a complication from irritant contact dermatitis. Non bullous impetigo presents initially as a superficial vesicle that ruptures easily to for a honey-crusted lesion. Bullous impetigo presents initially as a fluid of pus-filled bullae that ruptures to form an erythematous erosion with surrounding scaling. It presents with salmon-pink patches with yellow scales on the face, scalp, and intertriginous areas such as the axilla, neck, and behind the ears. It appears similarly in the diaper area as salmon-pink patches with a greasy scale involved both the convex and concave areas. It can be distinguished from Irritant contact dermatitis by involvement of creases, and its appearance in the other body parts as mentioned above. Compared to candidiasis, it does not usually present with satellite lesions or pustules. However, it can be tricky to distinguish from psoriasis so just remember to think about both when you see that kind of rash. Others less common but important causes include: Folliculitis, Langerhans Cells Histiocytosis, psoriasis, eczema and nutritional or metabolic deficiencies. Skin involvement presents as red-brown papules often with erosions, crusting, and petechiae. They appear commonly in inguinal creases, abdomen, neck folds, axilla, posterior ear holds, palms and soles. History So now that we have a working diagnosis in mind, let’s talk about the history and examination. You still do need to take a complete pediatric history but other things to highlight specific for the rash would be: Family history – especially any autoimmune disorders, and skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. Let’s review this by going back to our case: Allie’s rash just started about a month ago. Her parents noticed red, raw patches on her diaper area, with no bleeding or discharge.

The second tax mechanism is an ad valorem excise cost of any product containing or derived from tobacco tax effective kamagra 50 mg erectile dysfunction treatment by exercise, which is levied on a percentage of the value of (Minnesota Revenue 2014; Tobacco Control Legal the tobacco product discount kamagra 50 mg line erectile dysfunction drugs covered by medicare. This type of tax keeps sold with nicotine cartridges that cannot be removed up with infation and establishes a fat tax rate across discount kamagra 50mg without a prescription erectile dysfunction louisville ky. In Minnesota discount kamagra 50 mg on line impotence divorce, devices without a nico all brands, product types, weights, and packaging. On the the disadvantages to this kind of tax include the other hand, North Carolina applies a specifc excise tax, potential for tax evasion through predatory (below taxing e-liquids based on volume at 5 cents per milliliter cost) or anticompetitive pricing; increasing the (National Conference of State Legislatures 2015). Paul, more opportunity for tax avoidance; a government Minnesota, recommends using an ad valorem tax for provided subsidy for manufacturers’ price cuts; and e-cigarettes applied at the retail level to the “essential” more expensive brands being subjected to a larger components of these devices. Uniform systems apply the same tax rate Numerous major health organizations support across all products; tiered systems levy taxes based on raising the price of e-cigarettes through non-tax options, such product characteristics as toxicity, nicotine content, such as limiting rebates, discounts, and coupons (Freiberg 204 Chapter 5 E-Cigarette Use Among Youth and Young Adults 2012; Association of State and Territorial Health Offcials federal and Master Settlement Agreement restrictions on 2014; Bhatnagar et al. They have argued that taxation can be adapted to monitor and document the presence of could be part of a harm-reduction system. In the absence of legal restrictions on e-cigarette marketing, and apart from the issue of the previous prom ulgation by some companies of unsubstantiated health Restrictions on Marketing and cessation claims, public health groups can advocate for television and radio broadcasters, print and outdoor As described in Chapter 4, the marketing of media companies, the management of event venues and e-cigarettes drives consumer demand for these prod sports events, digital media outlets, retailers, and others ucts. Such marketing also may promote misperceptions to voluntarily refuse to air or place e-cigarette advertising, about the safety and effcacy of these products for use offer sponsorships, or give out free samples at fairs and fes as cessation devices (Choi and Forster 2014; Mark et al. For some populations—such be low, such actions raise awareness, build concern, and as pregnant women, adolescents, former smokers, and help to denormalize the proliferation of e-cigarette mar young adults—the adverse health consequences of nico keting. Several groups have supported to promote restrictions on sponsorship of events by the extending marketing restrictions that apply to conven tobacco industry facilitated a modest decline in tobacco tional cigarettes and other tobacco products to e-cigarettes industry-sponsored events and youth-oriented activities (Association of State and Territorial Health Offcials 2014; at those events that promoted the interests of the tobacco Bam et al. Signifcant bar tobacco litigation unit of the California attorney gener riers still exist to regulating commercial speech, including al’s offce that resulted in several settlements with tobacco the First Amendment rights of the e-cigarette companies companies (Roeseler et al. State, local, tribal, and territorial public health Additionally, for traditional tobacco products, partial agencies may be able to contribute to the stimulation advertising bans and voluntary agreements have gener of enforcement and compliance with existing rules that ally been ineffective in reducing consumption because the constrain marketing. Some states have brought lawsuits tobacco industry circumvents the restrictions by shifting against e-cigarette companies, alleging that distributors the marketing platforms used to unregulated platforms of these products violated state law by selling to minors (National Cancer Institute 2008). This response would or making unsubstantiated health claims; some of those be expected to be similar with regard to e-cigarettes. Additionally, paid adver with those of cigarettes or other combustible products, tising must be disclosed clearly and conspicuously in a and is e-cigarette use an effective way to quit smoking Chapter 3 set out the limited evidence base related to State and local public health agencies can play an impor these questions. At this time, practitioners can turn to that makes improper claims or is not clearly identifed as the various statements from medical organizations, which advertising. Educational Initiatives In fact, any recommendation to use e-cigarettes for the cessation of smoking is not supported by the bulk of the extensive data reviewed in Chapter 2 high the available scientifc evidence (Hartmann-Boyce et al. Both the American Association of Cancer Research eral public, particularly adolescents and young adults, and the American Society of Clinical Oncology recom have about e-cigarettes and their potential for nicotine mend against advising the use of e-cigarettes for cessa addiction and other adverse health consequences. Preventive Services has jurisdiction for product warnings that can reach Task Force found that there is insuffcient evidence that users, but that agency, along with other federal entities e-cigarettes are an effective smoking cessation tool in and state and local governmental and nongovernmental adults, including pregnant women (Agency for Healthcare organizations, can also carry out educational campaigns Research and Quality 2015). That report concluded that suffcient evidence exists However, research on e-cigarettes in relation to this set of to conclude that mass media campaigns, comprehensive venues is lacking and urgently needed. Regardless, some community programs, comprehensive statewide tobacco pragmatic approaches have been proposed. Practice Although the issues are not well documented, health care practitioners face questions about e-cigarettes from 206 Chapter 5 E igarette U se m ong Youth and Young A dul ts T abl e Medi cal org ani zatons A P ostonsofprofessonal org ani zatons O rg ani zati onal O rg ani zati on posi ti on on cessati on O rg ani zati onal posi ti on on h ar O rg ani zati onal posi ti on on reg ul ati on G eneral co ents A m eri an — onc entrated ni otinesolution Theprom otion and saleofele troni ni otinedelivery — A adem y of forele troni ni otinedelivery system sto youth should beprohibited byfederal, state and P ediatri s system sshould besold in loc al regulations. It tobac o produc tuseisprohibited by federal, state orloc al isunc learwhateffe tni otine law until thesafetyofse ond and thirdhand aerosol exposure intakeviae igaretteshason isestablished. W here data regardingriskis[sic] unavailableorinc onc lusive the c onsum ershould beinform ed ofthelac kofreliablesafety testingdata. A ny regulation ofele troni ni otine harac terizing delivery system sshould bes ienc ebased. E igarette P ol icyand P ractice I m pl ications A Report of the Surgeon General Case Studies Case studies in California and North Dakota dem of how cities, counties, and other states might address onstrate how e-cigarette policies have been enacted at the e-cigarettes in their jurisdictions. Draft regulations were presented at a city planning meeting in 2012, followed by a series of community meetings and hearings that culminated in the Hayward city council’s adoption of a 45-day moratorium to begin in January 2014 on the issuance of business licenses or building permits for any new tobacco retailers. The following month, the moratorium was extended another 15 months to provide more time to research and consider the issue (City of Hayward 2014). On July 1, 2014, the Hayward city council unanimously adopted an ordinance that requires sellers of tobacco products and “electronic smoking devices” to obtain annually a $400 tobacco retailer license that covers the cost of an annual inspection for compliance with federal, state, local, tribal, and territorial tobacco control laws.

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Exactly half of the population was married (n=83) cheap kamagra 100mg mastercard erectile dysfunction and testosterone injections, thirty percent (n=49) never married cheap 100 mg kamagra otc erectile dysfunction treatment after prostate surgery, 17% were either separated or divorced 100mg kamagra mastercard erectile dysfunction medications and drugs, and seven respondents were widowed kamagra 50mg on-line impotence caused by medications. The educational background of the respondents varied; two respondents did not complete high school, 16% were high school graduates, the majority (n=72) had some college or technical school education, 28% had completed a bachelor’s degree and 12% had a graduate level degree. For total annual household income 19 subjects were below $10,000, 21% made between $10,000 and $29,000, 29% of subjects made between $30,000 and $49,000, 17% made between $50,000 and $69,000, 12% brought home between $70,000 and $99,000, and 11% of the population made over the $100,000 annually. With respect to diabetes history, nineteen percent of the population (n=32) were “newly” diagnosed, within the past two years, and the largest subset of 153 respondents (n=49) were patients diagnosed over ten years ago. Sixteen percent of the population was diagnosed 6-8 years ago and eight percent received a diagnosis of diabetes 9-10 years ago. Three-fourths of patients (n=126) were on oral diabetes medications and 24% of respondents took insulin. There were no respondents in the sample that took both oral medications and insulin, nor were there any patients that did not take any form of medication. The majority of subjects (n=99, 60%) had their hemoglobin A1c tested within the past three months, following the recommendation of the American Diabetes Association. Twenty one percent were tested within the past six months, 7% were tested within the year and 9% within the past two years. The support group had higher ratings of envy, loneliness, ager, worry and despair. When we look at the emotions related to denial, feelings that there is nothing wrong, that diabetes will be cured, or that diabetes will go away on its own, we see that non-support group members have slightly higher percentages of individuals stating that these statements describe them moderately to very well. For a complete listing of the number of responses for each response category and the corresponding percentage see Table 4. When we look at the provision of care, physicians provide all diabetes-related care to 34% of the non-support group population and 30% of the support group population. Pharmacists were rated as providing all diabetes related care in 5% of the non-support group population and 8% of the support group population. Endocrinologists provided all diabetes related care to 11% of the non-support group and 13% of the support group population. These three providers provided the majority of care to the entire population when compared to nurses and physician assistants. Across both groups, around 60% of patients responded that their general family physician discussed goal setting to manage diabetes over the past three months. With respect to goal setting, 11% of the non-support group population stated that monitoring blood glucose and conducting foot exams were not even goals that they had, as opposed to 4% and 5% respectively of support group respondents. Twelve percent of non-support group users stated that taking medication was not a goal, as did 7% of support group users. Only 57% of non-support group users participated in diabetes education and similarly, only 61% of support group users also participated. The main reasons non-support group members stated for not joining any online support groups were a lack of interest in such groups (28%) and not having enough time (21%). For online support group members, 54% of respondents belonged to one group, 30% belonged to two groups and 19% had memberships in three or more 160 online groups. This question did not designate online diabetes groups, so the responses might indicate membership in groups for other conditions. With respect to participation frequency, 10% responded that they visited the group once, but never again, the largest proportion of the population (19%) visited 2-4 times a week and 20% (combined) visited the site at least once per day. The main reasons stated for joining an online group were feelings that belonging to a group would be beneficial (39%) and needing help managing diabetes (22%). Only 3 respondents stated that they did not have enough support from family and friends and 5 respondents stated that they did not have enough support from healthcare providers. When we examine the frequencies of responses for the interactions within the support group we see that the majority of the support group population did not chat in real time, or post blogs or topics. However, the majority of the group did read others’ blogs or topics and a good proportion of those individuals would respond to the blogs and topics they read. Nearly 80% of the support group population engaged in searches for information on both treatment and nutrition.

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Not all investigators have found that caffeine increases fat oxidation in human subjects order kamagra 50mg amex erectile dysfunction treatment penile implants. Dulloo et al (47) observed no sig Research is needed on the possibility that long-term caffeine nificant change in the respiratory exchange ratio after ingestion and coffee consumption can help reduce body weight in humans generic kamagra 50mg with amex erectile dysfunction doctor called. Lipolysis Thermogenesis and lipid metabolism Lipolysis is another indicator of lipid metabolism generic 50 mg kamagra free shipping erectile dysfunction 40 over 40, and greater Thermogenesis lipolysis has frequently been observed after caffeine or coffee intake by human subjects generic kamagra 100 mg without a prescription diabetic erectile dysfunction icd 9 code. No increase in lipolysis was found after ingestion of decaf not apply equally to all types of coffee. There is evidence that the increase in energy consumption is related to the dose of caf Obesity feine consumed (38, 39). Similarly, it has been shown that the sons lose weight is greater in nonobese than in obese persons. The one study in caffeine increases thermogenesis more in nonobese than in obese human subjects of the consumption of decaffeinated coffee, in subjects. Similarly, Acheson et al (42) and Daubresse et al (50) the form of ground decaffeinated coffee, did not find an in foundthatcaffeineinducedgreaterincreasesinlipolysisinnono crease thermogenesis (40). In contrast, Bracco et al (44) did that caffeine is the primary, and possibly the sole, ingredient not find that caffeine ingestion increased fat oxidation more in in coffee that is responsible for coffee’s thermogenic effect, nonobese than in obese female subjects. No studies of the influence of decaf feinated coffee intake on the thermic effect of food have been Biological mechanisms conducted. The laboratory evidence presented above makes it seem likely Tolerance does not appear to develop to caffeine’s thermo that caffeine is the main ingredient that gives coffee its ability to genic response in persons who are regular coffee or tea drinkers, induce weight loss, fat oxidation, lipolysis, and thermogenesis. Astrup et al (38) found the same result in sub these effects are not presently known. As pointed out by Graham jects who had fasted overnight, which suggests that, if tolerance (43), most of the evidence about such mechanisms is derived erodes with time, it takes 12htodoso. Inrats,theyoccurinthenervoussystem,brain,vascular Astrup et al (38) conducted a study in humans that illustrates endothelium, heart, liver, kidney, adipose tissues, and muscle the possible links between caffeine intake, fat oxidation, lipoly (60, 61). Using regression techniques, they found that caffeine ulated by sympathetic stimulation. For example, epinephrine is induced changes in heart rate, plasma lactate, and plasma known to increase thermogenesis in humans, so it seems logical triacylglycerol responses accounted for 67% of the variation in to attribute part of the caffeine-induced increase in thermogen the thermic effect of caffeine. It seems likely, therefore, that a esis (see Thermogenesis) to -andrenergic stimulation. Adenosine suppresses associated with the production of lactate and triacylglycerol. The lipolysis in rats (64), and thus adenosine-receptor blockade by increase in cardiovascular work is probably due to caffeine’s caffeine should increase lipolysis. In addition, good reasons exist increasing the peripheral resistance (56), which raises blood to believe that elevated catecholamine concentrations mediate pressure. The increase in lactate could involve the Cori cycle, in caffeine’s effects on lipolysis in humans (52). As sug have been found to be important regulators of lipolysis, and gested by Astrup et al (38) and Graham (43), the association elevated concentrations of epinephrine have been found to ele between thermogenesis and triacylglycerol concentrations may vate lipolysis in humans (65). Catecholamines and adenosine be due to the extra energy required for the increased reesterifac receptor antagonism are thought to increase lipolysis by raising tion involved in producing triacylglycerol. These ideas are consistent cholamine elevation and adenosine-receptor antagonism in the withstudiesshowingthatcaffeineingestiondoesnotincreasethe relation between caffeine and lipolysis, and several investigators energy cost of exercise in women (44). In a review of caffeine, Daly (54) healthy young men were eliminated by administration of a concluded, “[I]t will undoubtedly be years before a satisfactory adrenergic receptor blocker, propranolol. Keijzers and De Galan understanding of the complex mechanism of the action of caf (51) found that an adenosine reuptake inhibitor, dypiramidole, feine is attained. Jung et al (37), for instance, found in regular esterases; and increased intracellular calcium. It seems unlikely that caffeine-beverage drinkers that caffeine ingestion or injection the last 2 mechanisms play an important role. Their conclusion was that it nels, pharmacologic or lethal concentrations (500–5000 mol caf was not via the sympathoadrenal mechanisms that caffeine ele feine/L)areneeded.

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