About Wastecorp

Wastecorp Pumps (www.wastecorp.com) is a pump manufacturer specializing in a wide range of fluid handling products. We offer six pump brands marketed under the Sludge Master, Mud Sucker, Sludge Pro, Trash Flow, Turbo Flow and Sludge Sucker brands.

Sludge Master® Plunger Pumps – Wastecorp PE, HPE and EHPE Series sludge pumps are the original plunger pump brands first introduced in 1928. When we acquired this division from a Fortune® 500 company we made unprecedented design changes that are worth checking out

Mud Sucker® Diaphragm Pumps – A powerful pump product line ranging from 1″-4″ connection sizes. These diaphragm pumps are available in single and double diaphragm configurations designed for food processing, marine, municipal and industrial pumping applications.

Sludge Pro® Double Disc Pumps – OEM manufacturer of double disc pumps, a maintenance free and leak free type of positive displacement pump.

Trash Flow® Trash Pumps – Our self priming centrifugal trash pump line with 2″ -10″ pump models capable of pumping up to 3500 GPM.

Turbo Flow® High Volume Centrifugal Pumps- Our largest product line which includes submersible, split case, multi stage, circulation, ANSI process and more. From 1″-32″ connection sizes with capabilities to over 61,000 GPM.

Sludge Sucker® Hand Pumps – Our Professional hand pump line designed for commercial contractors and the construction industry. Products include professional grade hand pumps and grout pumps.

Pump parts division- We offer replacement parts for all brands of plunger pumps and Diaphragm pumps including Carter, Komline-Sanderson, Edson, Multiquip, Wacker and more. This division also includes obsolete parts for many makes and models.