Daniel Starr

You’ll See Daniel Starr at Wastecorp’s dozens of exhibits around the world or providing presentations to engineers, end users or distributors about Wastecorp Products . Daniel’s expertise in the world of plunger pumps, trash pumps and diaphragm pumps helps Wastecorp communicate our mission of providing customized, high quality solutions for over 2000 fluid handling applications worldwide. Daniel devotes time to discovering new areas where Wastecorp products can help restore sanitary conditions after floods or natural disasters. He also helps to prepare communities with helpful tips to keeping wastewater from disrupting critical services in times of emergency.

Stephanie Marshall

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Stephanie Marshall is an associate in Wastecorp’s community outreach programs and she is passionate about water. As one the world’s most important resources, Stephanie seeks to protect our access to clean drinking water by educating future generations on the importance of water conservation and how “water works in modern communities”