Water Trailers

Professional Grade Water Trailers and Water Buffalos for Government and Industry.

Wastecorp is an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer of water trailers. Water trailers are designed for on-site water delivery, potable water use, dust control on construction sites, heavy equipment washing, race track use, fire suppression, wild fire control and parking lots. With a choice of high pressure or trash pump models manufactured by Wastecorp, you'll get the water delivery solution you need by a proven manufacturer. Wastecorp water trailers are designed and manufactured in the United States and Canada.

All water wagons and water buffalos include tanks made from resins that meet FDA specifications. NSF compliant tanks and components for drinking water also available. Tanks are also available in green, black or translucent that may reduce algae growth. Your complete water trailer package includes all hoses plus available optional equipment like side sprayers that can connect to fire hoses or hydrants and self loading quick connect tools. Wastecorp water trailers are manufactured for commercial, municipal, industrial and military applications.

Water Trailers

Trailer mounted water trailers are available for use on public roads (DOT compliant) or only on your property  depending on the model you select. DOT compliant models include LED lighting, electric or air brakes, single, tandem, triple a

Trailer Mounted Water Trailer

Skid mounted water tanks do not have wheels or an axle. However, you can move a skid mounted water tank with an optional lifting bail. Skid mounted water tanks are used to mount in trucks, on an ATV trailer, on a concrete pad or on land&

Skid Mounted Water Tanks

A water buffalo or water wagon is a product to store and transport water for livestock, farms, ranches, industrial facilities and auxiliary fire prevention.  A water buffalo does not use a pump. Water is gravity fed to your required loca

Water Buffalo Manufacturer

Water trailer systems designed and built for public use for drinking water or hand washing.

Drinking Water and Hand Washing Station Systems

Wastecorp is a leading manufacturer of Jetter Pump Trailers used for the residential and industrial drain pipe cleaning <

Viper™ Jetter Trailers

Looking for a FDA compliant Water Trailer?

Wastecorp's Water Trailers can be made to meet your specific requirements. Choose from FDA compliant polyethylene or stainless steel tanks. All pump parts, hoses and valves can also be ordered as food grade.


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