Self-Priming Trash Pumps

Trash Flow® self priming trash pumps are designed for municipal, industrial and commercial fluid transfer applications. Trash Flow products are available in connection sizes ranging from two inches to 12 inches with fluid handling capabilities up to 6300 GPM. Whether you need to pump trash laden wastewater or hog waste, depend on Wastecorp engineered, Trash Flow self priming trash pump.

Trash Flow trash pumps transfer municipal and industrial wastewater, select solids handling applications and more. Trash Flow pumps are available in 2"-12" sizes and can transfer up to 6300 GPM. Select from standard electric and engine driven trash pump models. Wastecorp also manufactures high head pump models and dry prime pumps

Pre-engineered lift stations and sewage pump stations in two, three or four pump units can transfer up to 14,000 US GPM. Customers can now provide a trash pump product review or share content on Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, Flickr, Instagram or Pinterest.

See our FAQ page to see frequently asked questions regarding trash pumps.

Self-Priming Dry Prime Pumps

Dry Prime pumps are built for emergency bypass and dewatering applications. The unique oil bath technology, ensures that the mechanical seal is always lubricated in its own chamber.

Self-Priming Wet Prime Pumps

Wastecorp Pumps is an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified wet prime pump manufacturer. Wastecorp's Trash Flow wet prime pumps are available in connection sizes ranging from 2"-12" with fluid handling capabilities up to 5500 GPM. Trash Flow

Contractor Trash Pumps

Wastecorp is a manufacturer of TFX trash pumps for contractor applications like construction, commercial applications and dewatering. Water Hog® and Trash Hog® pumps are construction and contractor grade trash pumps. Pumps are designed for water

Lift Station Manufacturer

Wastecorp is a sewage lift station manufacturer. Select from above ground, below ground and base mounted. No matter what kind of wastewater pump station you need, you'll get it with one of the quickest delivery times in the business.


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