Vacuum Pumps

Wastecorp Pumps is an OEM manufacturer of vacuum pumps and vacuum trailers. Is your facility looking for an alternative to vac truck services? Wastecorp’s Super Duty brand vacuum pump systems can help your facility with higher suction pumping applications while saving money with your own system. Super Duty vacuum pumps transfer septic waste, restaurant waste trap grease, waste oil, wastewater and more. You select from skid mounted, trailer mounted or trolley mount compact configurations. Wastecorp’s innovative vacuum pump systems are also available with fresh water rinse systems built into a separate chamber within the tank. This enables you to wash down portable toilets, stadium seating, public spaces and more for the ultimate in clean, sanitary spaces

Vacuum Pumps

High suction electric powered vacuum systems for indoor or outdoor use.

Electric Vacuum Pumps

Wastecorp designs, engineers and manufactures high suction power vacuum pumps for marine applications.

Marina Vacuum Pump


Video & News

Slide-In Vacuum Pumps and Trailers

Preview of slide-in skid mounted vacuum pumps systems and trailers from a pump manufacturer. Available in every State and province of Canada. Wastecorp also ships global. The Super Duty is an excellent comparison and alternative to vacuum trucks.

Vacuum Pump Utility Vehicle

A dedicated vacuum pump out utility vehicle solution for pumping and containing wastewater, industrial waste, septic pump out, cooking oil, grease trap pumping and portable toilets.

Dual Compartment Sewage & Septic Pump

Vacuum pump expert discusses a dual compartment vacuum trailer with fresh water and waste compartments in the same vacuum tank. This unit is a 500 gallon waste compartment and 100 gallon water compartment.

Off Road Vacuum Pump Tank Trailer

Vacuum pump expert discusses a tilt and go vacuum trailer. This unit has a 450 gallon vacuum tank mounted with a hydraulic lift to a heavy duty all terrain trailer equipped with flotation tires.

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