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Pumps for Catch Basin Pumping

Pumps for industrial catch basins

Industrial companies, transit authorities, railways and public infrastructure areas can face unique challenges when it comes to pumping out catch basins and sumps during heavy rain and other storms. During storms, it is often other fluids such as waste oil, hydraulic fluid, gasoline, diesel and other potentially hazardous fluids that present issues to pump operations. Earl L. from Washington sheds light on some frequent questions from operations managers and engineers:

“Pump will be used to transfer water with oil from a shallow collection basin underneath an escalator to a gravity oil/water separator prior to discharge. This area has minor base flow of groundwater with rain infiltration. The basin while shallow covers an area that can contain 1,000 gallons during a rain event. The pumping cycle will be 50-60% during a rain event and minimal operation during dry periods. Pump would need to be mounted on a concrete pad. What does Wastecorp have to offer and who have you worked with in the past to solve such issues?”
Thank you,
Earl L. Environmental Management
Washington State

Earl, Wastecorp is involved in a number of projects for pumping out industrial catch basins and other waste pits for commercial applications, railways and transit authorities in the the pumping of fuel laced wastewater and select chemicals during heavy rain. In the photo you see below a Virginia railyard uses our Mud Sucker B Series diaphragm pumps mounted about the collection basins and sump pits. The rail yard is known to have coal

These pumps also have variable speed controllers mounted directly on the pump so the operator can control the speed of the pump and the volume of fluid being transferred.

The consulting engineering firm specified pulsation dampeners on both the suction and the discharge of these catch basin pumps. The reason is to reduce the “kick” or pulsation in the line when pumps transfer thin liquids like water.

You will also notice that there is an enclosure surrounding the pumps which are mounted on a concrete pad. The reasoning behind this is to protect the equipment for UV rays, fluctuating temperatures and dirt. This enclosure also contains a heater to ensure that the pumps are able to operate all year.

Catch basin pump applications usually involve specific specifications for pumps, hoses and control panels. Wastecorp has a long track record working with consulting engineers and operators on these types of projects. Contact Wastecorp’s dedicated staff on industrial catch basin pumps at 1-888-829-2783 or email read more

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Your Water Trailers Options and Suggestions

Wastecorp is pleased to announce our water trailer pump products. Water trailers, (also referred to as  “water buffalo” or “water wagon”) provide fresh water distribution using a high pressure trash pump or diaphragm pump.  These water distribution systems are used to control dust on construction sites, cement cutting water needs, landscaping, paving companies, special venue water services and military water distribution needs. Water trailer also are available with components for NSF compliant drinking water applications used for special events like marathons and festivals, disaster relief and humanitarian assistance.

Water Trailer Tank Sizes

Wastecorp water trailers are available in sizes ranging from 150-5000 gallons directly from Wastecorp or qualified dealers in the USA or Canada. The best part is, your water trailer is manufactured by Wastecorp Pumps with hosing, check plate galvanized deck material and frame, so you’re getting a professional system by a professional ISO 9001 certified water trailer manufacturer.


Water Trailer Fill Options

Wastecorp water trailers can be filled by municipal fire hydrant, fresh water ponds or garden hose
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Silent Pump Options for Municipal Water and Wastewater Treatment Facilities

High head dry prime pumps for water treatment plants

Wastecorp has launched a high volume and high discharge head pumping solution for municipal water treatment facilities. The Trash Flow TFVH Series dry prime pump with high head capabilities is available in 6”x4”, 8”x6”,  10” x 8” and 12” x8”. This enable the pump operator to transfer water  and wastewater starting at  5400 GPM up to 12000 GPM. Maximum discharge head ranges from 450 ft. up to 720 ft. This enables water treatment plants located in areas with inclines, hills and mountains to effectively transfer water during bypass operations, WTP maintenance or water treatment facility expansions


Wastecorp offers trailer mounted and skid mounted models with an optional “Husher” sound attenuated enclosure to reduce noise levels in residential areas. Continuing Wastecorp’s tradition of using premium industry leading components, The Trash Flow TFVH Series is available with the customer’s choice of CAT diesel engines, John Deere, Deutz or Toshiba electric motors. Custom configured control panels with optional touch screens allows the operator state-of-the art control of the dry prime pump system. 80-120 gallon fuels tanks are available and optional float switches, non-collapsible hosing and fleet management solutions is also available.


Trash Flow TFVH-6×4

The Trash Flow TFVH-6×4 features a 6” suction and a 4” discharge with max capacity of 3000 GPM. The TFV-6×4 is capable of transferring up to 3” solids and maximum head of 490 ft. Engines are available up to 174 hp. This pump is ideal for mining application with higher discharge head requirements, construction sites and water treatment facilities. More information can be found at:



Trash Flow TFVH-8×6

When pumping up to 5400 GPM and 450 ft. of head, Wastecorp Trash Flow TFVH elevates high volume pumping to the next level. With up to 3” solids handling capabilities and up to 450 HP engines, Municipal public works, mining and industrial applications have a trusted partner to get the job done. This dry prime pump includes an 8” suction and 6” discharge. More information on this pump can be found at:




Trash Flow TFVH-10×8 – Dry Prime Pump

The TFVH-10×8 is a powerful high head dry prime pump with water transfer capabilities up to 6500 GPM with up to 450 ft. of head. For applications with water containing solids the operator can pump up to 3.5” solids. Select engines up to 520 HP. Check out the link below for more information


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Pump Station Case Study

Grease Interceptor Pump Manufacturer.

Today’s Grease interceptor pumps for commercial applications like mall restaurants, hospitals, prisons, public works and theme parks must be designed with the latest controls, sensors and gauges to handle the volume of waste grease that is generated in these applications including cafeterias, restaurants, vehicle maintenance bays and general operations. Dependable and quality pumps are critical to read more

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Clean Vessel Act Pump Out Systems – Wastecorp

A mobile pump out system for a marina. Pumps out bilge waste and septic.

Updating the pump out equipment at your marina can be easier with a grant through the Clean Vessel Act. You can benefit from the Clean Vessel Act which provides grants to States for the construction/ renovation, operation and maintenance of pump out, portable toilet dump stations and vacuum pump systems. According to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, since Congress passed the Act in 1992, grants have been awarded to install over 2,800 pump stations and 1,700 dump stations. Wastecorp is an authorized manufacturer of pump out systems for marinas. We compete with Keco and Edson.


The grant was reauthorized in 1998 and 2003 and provides $50 million to continue to provide alternatives to overboard disposal of recreational boater sewage. Federal funds may constitute up to 75% of all approved projects with the remaining funds provided by the States or marinas.


The Clean Vessel Act originally targeted coastal waters but is now as popular for fresh water environments as well. There are several options available where Wastecorp can help

Vacuum Pumps for Marinas


Wastecorp offers a variety of high suction marine vacuum pump systems for higher traffic marinas, yacht clubs and boat yards. vacuum pumps pump out septic waste including rags, wipes (baby wipes), Lysol/Clorox wipes and other makes.

Floating Sanitation Systems


For portable rest rooms on the water with an attached holding tank, a pump out may be used to service the facility usually with a hand pump that can be mounted directly to the vessel. Ideal for Fresh water environments.


Mobile Pump Out Boats

This increasingly popular method allows the marina to conveniently pump out sewage by going to different slips and hooking them up to a pump out system located on the vessel. This way, boaters can enjoy their weekend boating while marina’s pump out the vessels during the week when there is less of a crowd. Ideal for salt water and fresh water environments.


Click here to see Wastecorp’s double pump outs.


These pump units can be mounted directly on your vessel.

Fixed Dock Pump Out Facility

Designed for mid-size and larger marinas, the fixed dock pump out system is ideal for larger vessels which dock next to the pump out. The sewage is then pumped into a large holding tank that is regularly serviced

The Clean Vessel Act and Your State

Each State has an application form to complete to initiate the grant request process. Wastecorp can help you locate the forms you need. Call us toll-free at 1.888.829.2783. Otherwise, you can consult your State’s web site for more information.

Below you will find links to popular State clean vessel programs. On most sites, you will find either an application or further information on how to apply for a State grant at your facility.






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Diaphragm Pump Parts for Any Make

Hi, our construction company has three of your Mud Sucker Diaphragm Pumps, six Homelite, diaphragm pumps, two AMT pumps and three Mud Hog Model 305 E and 404. Can we get rebuild kits from Wastecorp for these diaphragm pumps? Thank you, Dave

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Marine Pump Questions and Answers

Hi, we just bought a marina in Maryland and the pump out we have needs replacement. We are planning on expanding the marina with about 50 more boat slips which will bring our total to about 121. What we would like to explore is a marine vacuum pump out system that can pump out more than one boat at a time. We got quotes on peristaltic marine pumps and my buddy who has a marina doesn’t like them; so that’s out. The previous marina owner also told us that more boaters are pumping out disposable wipes and other weird things in their boat holding tanks that makes having strong suction a necessity. We would like information on vacuum pumps that can sit on a dock and compare what a portable unit would cost. The idea is that we could use the mobile pump out during public holidays when the demand for a pump out is high

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Pumping Wastewater in Nassau County

Pumping wastewater in Nassau County NY poses unique challenges. First the county borders Long Island Sound to the North and the Atlantic ocean to the south which can bring variations in both weather and the types of wastewater that need to be pumped. Nassau County is home to over 1.3 million residents with a mix of suburban residents and vacation properties.

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