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Wastecorp is a leading OEM manufacturer of pumps and pump parts for thousands of applications worldwide.

Wastecorp Pumps Inc. is an OEM pump manufacturer with offices in the United States and Canada. We are ISO 9001 certified and ISO 14001 certified. Wastecorp manufactures diaphragm pumps, double disc pumps, trash pumps, dry prime pumps, plunger pumps, pump parts, water trailers, honey wagons, vacuum pumps and marine pumps.

As part of our business model, many customers deal directly with our expert customer support center. We work selectively with pump distributors in certain markets. Wastecorp is proud to serve government, armed forces, industry and homeowners with innovative fluid handling solutions.

With a focus on pump innovation, customized local solutions and strategic partnerships, Wastecorp Pumps is growing. This growth is not only happening in our core markets in the United States and Canada, but also globally. Brazil, Russia, India and China represent some of our fastest growing markets for Wastecorp.

Wastecorp Corporate Highlights Fiscal 2016 include:

  • Introduction of Sludge Pro® double disc pump line with over 30 pump models to compete directly with Penn Valley Pump Co.
  • Introduction of Trash Flow® dry prime pump products to compete directly with Godwin Pumps, Pioneer, Gorman Rupp and other makes.
  • 30% growth in our Mud Sucker Diaphragm Pump brand.
  • 12% growth in our plunger pump sludge pump segment.
  • 41% growth in our Trash Flow trash pump business.
  • Over 14 new pump models introduced in the latest model year.
  • 23% increase in global pump parts sales.
  • 42% increase in pump accessories sales

Case Studies: See how our Mud Sucker Diaphragm Pump Brand is Changing The Way Industries Pump.

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