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Wastecorp is an ISO 9001, 14001 certified sewage pump manufacturer for municipal wastewater, sludge, waste activated sludge (WAS), return activated sludge (RAS) and industrial sewage pumping.  Our products include primary and secondary sewage pumps, digester transfer pumps and general WWTP solids handling pumps. Wastecorp has served United States and Canadian municipal sewage treatment plants and public works agencies for over 30 years.

Our sewage pump products include double disc pumps, plunger pumps, wet prime pumps, dry prime pumps, self priming centrifugal pumps and replacement options for rotary lobe and progressive cavity pumps. View our sewage pump selection below.


Case Studies

Plunger Pumps - Municipal Sanitary Sewage

The Taipei government is upgrading many of its waste water treatment plants with proven equipment for the transfer of raw sewage and waste water.

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Municipal Sewage Pump Improvement Project

Winter in northern climates brings a host of challenges for municipal sewage pumping. With heavy rain and snowfall, America sewage treatment plants must pump through a cycle of runoff and grit in addition to pumping raw activated sludge from December through April every year. Only the toughest sludge pumps can provide a long life cycle and reduced component wear through these design conditions.

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Plunger Pump Primary Sewage Pump Improvement Project

This wastewater treatment plant selected Wastecorp’s Sludge Master PE-942 Plunger pump with direct drive motor and 4” ANSI connections. The PE-942 plunger pump is capable of pumping municipal sewage up to 170 GPM with up to 180 ft. of head. The facility also selected an advanced pump packing system with Kevlar and Teflon rings top provide the ultimate in leak resistance.

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