Mining & Aggregate Pumps

Wastecorp is a manufacturer of mining and aggregate pumps for open pit and underground mining applications including raw water supply, dewatering, leach solutions, and process water recovery

Wastecorp Pumps are manufactured as standard or specialized models for aluminum, bauxite, coal, copper, gold, silver, nickel, chromium, molybdenum and more. We offer several other mining pump models for corrosive and abrasive slurry applications. Wastecorp pumps feature high solids models for mining and mineral processing

Coal Mining Pumps »Coal slurry pumping equipment for solids and waste water transfer.

Alumina | Bauxite Slurry Pumps »Pumps designed for red mud (bauxite) slurry and residue, tailings, and reclamation.

Copper Mining Pumps »Pumps designed for leaching processes and pumping corrosive fluids.

Gold Mining Pumps »Wastecorp manufactures pumps for gold mine applications including abrasive applications.

Chromium Mine Pumps »Severe duty pumps for chromium applications.

Mineral Processing Pumps »A wide variety of pumps available for mineral processing applications.

Case Studies

Mining Pumps

Wastecorp recommended the four inch Mud Sucker 4-BM trailer mounted diaphragm pump for Alcoa’s bauxite pumping needs. The standard 4B-M includes two heavy duty valve chambers on the suction and discharge to aid in pumping the high slurry content.

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