Landfill Leachate Waste Pumps

Wastecorp is an ISO 9001, 14001 landfill and leachate waste pump manufacturer. Our products can be custom ordered to include explosion proof motors with acidic resistant coatings that accommodate large solids handling and high GPM flow rates.

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Landfill Leachate Pumps

A case study about a new municipal solid waste landfill using Mud Sucker pumps to transfer leachate and wastewater. Pumps use automated functions to conserve energy and automate the process.

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Diaphragm Pumps

Diaphragm Pumps

Wastecorp designs and manufactures Mud Sucker Diaphragm Pumps for the global marketplace. Mud Sucker diaphragm pumps are available in single and double diaphragm configurations with up to 280 GPM capabilities.

TFCC Series

TFCC Series

Stationary self priming centrifugal pumps with connection sizes from 3" - 10"

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