Sludge Master® Plunger Pumps

The original plunger pump for sewage and sludge transfer applications. Trasnfer up to 600 GPM

Mud Sucker® Diaphragm Pumps

Stay Mechanical diaphragm pumps for positive displacement pump applications. 1"-4" connection sizes. Transfer up to 400 GPM.

Sludge Pro® Double Disc Pump

Double disc pump designed for municipal wastewater treatment plants WWTP. Pump primary sludge and sewage

Trash Flow® Trash Pumps

Self priming centrifugal trash pumps available in 2"-12" connections sizes. Pump up to 6300 GPM.

Turbo Flow® TFV-EC Pumps

End Suction pumps designed for ultra-high flow & heads

Wastecorp Honey Wagons

Waste containment systems for septic waste, vegetable oil, oil spill clean upand more. Tank sizes range from 25-5000 gallons.

Sludge Sucker® Hand Pumps

Premium manual diaphragm pumps for grout pumping, man hole and trench dewatering and bilge pumping. Select from bronze, poly or aluminum.

Wastecorp Water Trailers

Professional and military grade water trailers for potable water delivery. Tank sizes from 300-2500 gallons.

Super Duty® Vacuum Pumps

Vacuum pump systems for marine and industrial pumping applications. Vacuum pumps are used for high suction requirements and/or longer suction/discharge distances. Ideal for septic, waste trap grease pumping, waste oil removal and more

Trash Flow® Dry Prime Pumps

Dry prime pumps are ideal for applications that require the mechanical seal in the trash pump to be lubricated. Prevent burn out with run dry capabilities

Wastecorp Viper™ Jetter Trailers

Wastecorp is a leading manufacturer of Viper™ Jetter Trailers used for the residential and industrial drain pipe cleaning industry. With a wide range of tank and pump sizes , your next jetter trailer is limited only by your imagination.