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Sludge Sucker Basic

Basic Hand Pump

Entry Level Hand pumps

  • 1" connection
  • Polypropylene design
  • Marine bilge pumping & emergency dewatering

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Sludge Sucker Pro Water/Waste pump

Pro Hand Pump

Pro Hand Pumps

  • 1½" or 2" connection
  • Portable or stationary
  • Designed for water or waste

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Sludge Sucker Grout

hand grout pump

Manual Grout Pumps

  • 1½" or 2" connection
  • Hose and grout wand available
  • 14 qt. hopper funnel

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Sludge Sucker Pro II

Manual Diaphragm Pump

New! Rotary Style Hand Pump

  • 1½" or 2" connection
  • Uses a crank and shaft to pump
  • Permanent or mobile options

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Pump out caddy

hand pump out caddy

Portable Pump Outs

  • 25 gallon tank
  • Includes Sludge Sucker Pro
  • All hoses and attachments included

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50 gallon manual pump

Manual 50 gallon pump out

Manual Portable Pump Out

  • 50 gallon tank
  • Includes Sludge Sucker Pro
  • All hoses and attachments included

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The Hand Pump Remastered by an ISO 9001 Pump Company

The history of the hand pump goes back hundreds of years. Our inspiration for improvement comes from the generations of engineers and inventors who have set out to design and build a better hand pump. This time tested design does not require fuel or electricity (only your own). Sludge Sucker hand pumps use manual diaphragm pump technology to help with pumping out man holes, public works applications, telecommunications companies, the marine industry and emergency dewatering applications everywhere.

Wastecorp hand pumps combine light weight materials with the latest innovations like BUNA-N flappers and diaphragms to produce long term manual pumping solutions for hundreds of industries. Our hand pumps are now available in waste containment models that allow you to pump both into or out of the tank. Experience the difference in hand pumps today with a Sludge Sucker hand pump. Check out the 2018 Sludge Sucker hand pump and grout pump brochure now.

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