Water/Paint Blasting Applications


Replace pumps to transfer water for waterblasting airport runways.


Performance Requirements

  • Flow Rate
    Up to 20 US GPM
  • Flow Rate

Waterblasting Technologies Inc.

Waterblasting is quickly becoming a preferred method for removing rubber marks from airport runways and road surface paint removal. Waterblasting Technologies Inc. has an extensive portfolio of products and services for roadwa, airfield marking and surface maintenance. 


With certain water blasting applications, a water trailer containing up to 2500 gallons of water, feeds the water system with a pump needed to supply the process. Waterblasting Technologies Inc., contacted Wastecorp seeking recommendations for pumps to feed its rubber marking removal process on airport runways. The pump specification called for the pumping unit to be powered by the service truck’s existing hydraulic fluid lines


With service trucks working between six and eight hours per day, any pump solution must be able to withstand the rigorous schedule on a daily basis. Wastecorp recommended the Mud Sucker 2FA-HP hydraulic powered pump Series. The 2FA easily connects to the hydraulic line of the truck with a Parker Torqmotor operating at 60 RPM (1000-1300 psi). With Buna-N flapper valves and a 7” diaphragm, the Mud Sucker 2FA-HP has the capabilities of operating up to 10 hours per day. The best part is, the pump requires only basic maintenance with low cost and easy-to-install repair parts. This keeps Waste Blasting Technologies’ service crews more productive on the job. The 2FA-H is also available as a wastewater transfer pump for waterblasting systems. In this type of application, the pump transfers wastewater and paint chips collected and transfers the wastewater into a containment system or tote tank for responsible disposal.