Wastecorp HW-1000-200 Series

1025 Gallon Dual Tank Honey Wagon

Wastecorp HW-1000-200 Series

1025 Gallon Dual Tank Honey Wagon

Waste pump tank and water tank in one unit. 1025 gallon waste tank and up to 325 gallon fresh water tank. Electric, engine, air or hydraulic drives. Designed for waste pumping and wash down services. 

  • 1025 gallon waste tank
  • Select from 150 gallon- 500 gallon water tanks
  • Two pumps: One waste, one water
  • Mud Sucker waste pump technology
  • High pressure water pump
  • Electric, engine, air or hydraulic drive systems
  • Financing available


Wastecorp invented the Mud Sucker Diaphragm Pump and we are the only manufacturer that includes the Mud Sucker on every unit we build.


Your dual tank honey wagon ships complete with two pumps: Mud Sucker 2FAC Series waste pump technology and a high pressure water pump ideal for power wash applications. Mud Sucker optional waste pumps are available in single or double diaphragm configurations with 2", 3" and 4" connection sizes rated up to 220 GPM.


Select from electric, engine (gas or diesel), air or hydraulic drive systems for your pumps.


Wastecorp takes the honey wagon to the next level with fully galvanized frames and decks to protect against hot and cold weather. This is a standard option on all DOT rated trailer systems.


Managing full tank loads at highway speeds is no easy task. Let Wastecorp’s engineering team help you get the right honey wagon waste containment system for your specific application


Your waste tank and fresh water tank include volume markers and quick access discharge and filling points. This enhances operator productivity throughout the work day.


Wastecorp offers numerous custom options for specific industries. Select from automated hose reels, automated jack systems, lockable industrial rated storage cabinets, spare tires and pump coatings.


Wastecorp is a high rated pump manufacturer with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification. With a 30 year track record in the honey wagon manufacturing business, you are investing in the best system from one of the best pump manufacturers. The best part is your honey wagon is manufactured near you

Standard Features

Accessories and Configurations
* Suction Hose Assy, which includes (2) 2" x 30' non-collapsible EPDM suction hose with check valve, utility ball valve and female camlock fitting; * Discharge Layflat Hose, 2" x 10' for rear tank drain; * Hose Reel
DOT Highway Trailer, Tandem 7000 lb Axle, Galvanized, Fenders (GVWR: 14000 lb); Hitch Connection 2-5/16" Ball or 3" Pintle Hook
Standard Connection Type
Alum. Male Camlocks
Waste Pump Included in System
Water Pump Included in System

Optional Features

Optional Drives
Air, electric, gas, diesel, explosion proof, hydraulic
Optional Water Pumps
MS- 25L (30 GPM), MS 40-H (73 GPM), MS 50-X (150 GPM), MS 80-X (246 GPM)

Pump Specifications

Approx. Pump Operating Speed
70 RPM
Gear Reducer
Siemens or SEW Eurodrive
Max. Discharge Head
50' Vertical or 22 psi
Max. Flow Capacity
20 GPM
Max. Liquid Temperature
140°F (60°C) continuous
Max. Suction Lift
20' Vertical or 75' Horizontal (with foot valve)
Solids Handling
1.5" Dia. or 50% by Volume
Suction/Discharge Size
Tank Size
1025 USG Horiz. White Poly Leg (Also available in Black for an additional cost)

Materials of Construction

AISI 12L14 Carbon Steel
7" OD Neoprene with Reinforcement
Flapper Valves
Pump Castings
Aluminum A356, heat treated
Pump Rod
AISI 12L14 Carbon Steel

Additional Information

* RV Sewer Adapter; * Marine Adapter; * Potty Wand (2', 3' or 4'); * Strainer (Sq. Hole or Rd Hole)
Spare Parts Kits
65039-00; 60444-00
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