Super Duty Vacuum PumpsDual Tank - Vacuum Pump

Pump out up to six different areas the same time with Super Duty dual tank vacuum pumps

  • Tanks sizes up to 600 gallons each (1200 gallons total)
  • Designed for large marina septic pumping and large industrial pumping facilities
  • Custom control panels and smart technology available


Wastecorp's Super Duty dual tank vacuum pump system allows you to continuously pump out without interruption even when one tank becomes completely full. This may be especially important for waste trap grease recyclers, marinas, and septic pump out companies looking to enhance productivity throughout the work day

Multiple Service Points. Multiple Options

With Super Duty dual tank vacuum pumps, you can service up to six different areas at the same time. This translates to pumping out up to six different waste pits, boats, lagoon locations or restaurant waste trap grease barrels. You select from 2", 3" or 4" connection sizes and configure the control panel with one of our vacuum pump engineers to suit your specific needs. Vacuum power options are available from 70 , 92 , 108 , 116, 180, 363 CFM. 

Powerful Pump Suction. Powerful Discharge.

With a Wastecorp Super Duty Vacuum Pump you can pump up to 3,000 ft. and discharge up to 3,000 ft., making your pump a powerful productivity enhancer for your job. Dual tank configurations are available in 125, 250 , 450 or 600 gallon systems each. You select from powder coated, galvanized or stainless steel tanks. 

No matter what your vacuum pump needs contact a pump manufacturer who has the track record, experience and know how to get the professional system you need for the long haul. Contact us at 1-888-829-2783 or email 

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