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HW-Recovery™ Containment Series Specifications


  Pumps (Waste Collection)  
Mud Sucker 2FA-M (2" gas diaphragm pump)
Mud Sucker 3FA-M (3" gas diaphragm pump)

  Pumps (Water Delivery)  
MS- 25L (30 GPM)
MS 40-H (73 GPM)
MS 50-X (150 GPM)
MS 80-X (246 GPM)

  Waste Tank Sizes  
150 gallon (567L)
200 gallon(757L)
300 gallon (1135L)
500 gallon (1892L)
800 gallon (3028L)
1000 gallon (3785L)
1600 gallon (6056L)
2000 gallon (7570L)

  Fresh Water Tank Sizes  
50 gallon (189L)
100 gallon (378L)
300 gallon (1135L)
500 gallon (1892L)

  Trailer Options   Single, Tandem, Triple Axle  

HW-Recovery™ Series Reviews

Overall Rating 4/5

High Performance 5 Pump Quality 3
Rating for My Application 2 Innovative 5

Crude Oil Spill Pumps


Tallahassee, FL USA
Pumping oil sludge
Average GPM:

We sent this out for contractors specified by the Office of Emergency Management across the Florida panhandle after an oil spill. Your units were used along beaches to pump out pools of tar balls and oil debris that collected after high tide. They worked real well and the water tank came in real handy for rinsing off vegetation and infrastructure.


Chemical waste containment



Montreal, QC Canada
Standby Chemical containment
Average GPM:

We use the HW Recovery at our facilities as part of our emergency readiness plan for chemical spills. Our production staff have benefited from your training and refresher programs on how to contain chemical waste in case of spills. The high pressure water pump function on the unit has tested successfully with the pressure needed to meet our needs.


Government dirty water/fresh water system


Pearl Harbor, HI
dirty water pumping
Average GPM:

Thanks for following up. Your HW-Recovery systems are used at our themed attraction locations around Pearl Harbor. We use these things for a bunch of different applications including porta-potty pumping and wash down as well as pumping out grease trap waste drums. The wash down feature helps keep the public areas sanitary. We place disinfectants and cleaning agents in the water tank and the pumps have performed well under heavy use.

HW-Recovery™ Series Features


Waste Pump + High Pressure Pump
Quality makes all the difference, that's why the disaster relief system includes state-of-the art Mud Sucker FA Series pumps and a high pressure water distribution pump.

  Waste Tank Waste Tank Options
Select up to 2000 gallon (7,570 L) waste holding tanks complete with two fill and discharge points. Premium polyethylene, stainless steel and municipal specifications available.
  Fresh water tank Fresh Water Tank Options
Up to 500 gallon (1,892 L) fresh water distribution tanks are available. Separate connections for the ultimate sanitary environment.
  water hose Water Delivery Hose
50 ft. premium industrial grade water hose with hose nozzle (optional sizes available).
  Hose bin Heavy Duty Hose Bin
Store all of your hoses safely and securely for easy transportation to the job site.
  Government approved highway trailer Government Approved Highway Trailers
Government approved highway trailers optional. Adheres to DOT (USA), Ministry of Transportation (Canada) and over 100 countries around the world.

HW-Recovery™ Series Video


HW-Recovery™ Series Features

Waste collection pump out

From oil spill waste clean up to flood control and emergency pump outs, one of the most critical factors in managing disasters is your readiness plan.

Wastecorp's new HW-Recovery containment plus fresh water distribution system, helps you plan ahead with up to 2000 gallon waste collection tanks and a separate high pressure fresh water tank up to 500 gallons. This system is designed to pump and contain crude oil, oil slurry, select hazardous liquids and general wastewater. These systems are used as flood pumps, disaster management pumps, pumps for FEMA, flood control pumps, hurricane management pumps, sanitation in floods oil spill pumps and more. The HW-Recovery includes a heavy duty 2018 Mud Sucker FAC Series pump and a high pressure water pump with premium Honda engines. Pump waste up to 80 GPM and distribute fresh water up to 256 GPM. See video and product features for more information.

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