Grease Trap Waste Pumping/Biodiesel

Grease Trap Waste Pumping/Biodiesel


Gotham Grease Recycling, LLC


West Bablyon, NY


Maneuver pumps into confined areas of Manhattan restaurants for grease trap waste pumping.


Performance Requirements

  • Flow Rate
    Up to 20 US GPM
  • Flow Rate
  • Flow Rate


Pumping fryer oil, grease trap waste and used vegetable oil in urban areas can be a challenge. This job can be especially challenging in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Quuens, Bronx and Staten Island. With thousands of restaurants in pre-war buildings, coupled with narrow streets, vac trucks simply can’t always get to the hard to reach grease trap collection areas. West Babylon based Gotham grease recycling must face this challenge when transferring grease trap waste on a daily basis.


Gotham required a grease trap service pump that could maneuver through the awkward areas of older grease trap waste collection areas. The pump had to have at least a 6 ft. suction lift and a 20 ft. vertical discharge . The pump discharges the cooled cooking grease into the vacuum hose of service trucks for final grease collection. The pump would have to be easily maneuverable and light enough to be carried down and up several flights of steep stairs in some cases.


Wastecorp recommended the Mud Sucker 2FA-EC stationary mobility pump package for Gotham Grease Recycling’s needs. This diaphragm pump can transfer cooled grease slurries up to 20 GPM with minimal parts or service needs to help Gotham stay productive. The 2FA features a Wastecorp Mud Sucker exclusive patented contoured velocity channel to enable thicker grease, vegetable oil and debris laden cooking oil to move efficiently through the pump body. Wastecorp’s extended mobility handles enables service crews to move the pump down narrow steep stairs, reducing back strain. The grease trap waste collection system you see above features the mobility package plus a 1000 gallon waste oil collection bin that can easily mount in a pick-up truck or closed top service truck. The valving system you see, enables the user to pump grease both into or out of the tank for easy disposal. Wastecorp features over 50 vegetable oil/ grease collection systems for oil recyclers.