Municipal Trash Pumps

Municipal Trash Pumps


Wendover WPCP


Wendover, ON


Upgrade secondary sludge transfer facility and expand existing footprint.

Performance Requirements

  • Flow Rate
    132-146 US GPM
  • Flow Rate
  • Flow Rate

Wendover Sewage Pumping Station


Wendover WPCP located in the Township of Alfred and Plantagenet, Ontario recently made major modifications to its sewage pumping station and effluent outfall. According to the bid specifications, the facility’s primary and secondary sludge transfer pumps were to be replaced and a treatment plant expansion completed.


Wendover’s secondary sludge transfer needs required four self priming centrifugal trash pumps with fluid handling capabilities of up to 740 GPM each. The pumps transfer liquids ranging in temperature up to 30°C. The facility required that consideration be given to sanitary sewage service in which debris has traditionally been expected to lodge between the suction check valve and the seat.


Wastecorp was awarded the contract to provide four Trash Flow model TFCC-3B self priming trash pumps with a 3” connection and several add-on options to fulfill the facility requirements. The pumps were manufactured with tungsten carbide mechanical seals for extended wear life and oil lubricated ball bearings. Ashcroft pressure gauge kits were included on each pump to monitor pressure and provide the operator with performance data. The Trash Flow’s included a spring loaded discharge check valve and a pump drain kit assembly. The drain kit allows the maintenance staff to completely drain the pump casing for inspection with 20 ft. of hosing and quick connect fittings. The pumps are powered by 5 hp; 1800 RPM, 3/60/ 575 TEFC Toshiba Premium efficiency AC induction motor (inverter duty rated). The piggy back motor mount with belt/pulley system to 900 RPM.

Why Wastecorp?

“Empowering a new generation of trash pumps” isn’t just the Trash Flow division’s slogan, it reflects a new way of thinking about pump installations. Municipalities are making every effort to reduce energy costs these days and manufacturers with a proven track record for manufacturing products that can help them save in every way get priority. We’re on-site, on the telephone and on the internet to provide the support services that make all the difference in the pump business.


Wastecorp supplies various pumping equipment to over 20,000 WWTP’s worldwide. With pump experts trained on urban and rural municipal wastewater treatment systems we bring the knowledge of our field work to your project.

Selection. Satisfaction. Savings.

Trash Flow pumps are available in 3”-10” sizes with fluid handling capabilities up to 3700 GPM. We offer engine driven and silent pumping systems with our revolutionary Husher Series. With industry leading fast delivery times and competitive pricing Trash Flow pumps are designed for one application. Yours.