Plunger Pump Primary Sewage Pump Improvement Project

Plunger Pump Primary Sewage Pump Improvement Project


Butler County PA, WWTP Upgrade


Butler County, PA


Replace existing sludge pumps with energy saving plunger pumps to transfer sludge and effluent water.


For wastewater treatment facilities that are upgrading their sewage pumping equipment, getting the right pump technology to do the job is critical. For one thing, todays sewage pumps must handle stringy materials and disposable wipes that have become common in municipal wastewater. This was just the case for a Butler County, PA wastewater treatment plant looking to improve their sewage handling equipment. Wastecorp was awarded the contract to manufacture and supply a state-of-the-art plunger pump system with an energy efficient TEFC motor and easily replaceable components to last the long haul.

Wastecorp worked with local consulting engineering firm Senate Engineering, pump distributors and the end user to provide pump specification assistance and answered any questions.

This wastewater treatment plant selected Wastecorp’s Sludge Master PE-942 Plunger pump with direct drive motor and 4” ANSI connections. The PE-942 plunger pump is capable of pumping municipal sewage up to 170 GPM with up to 180 ft. of head. The facility also selected an advanced pump packing system with Kevlar and Teflon rings top provide the ultimate in leak resistance.

Wastecorp also provided training and startup services to educate the operators in proper sludge pump maintenance and service.  Service and support for the operators is available locally. If your sewage treatment facility is looking to improve your primary sludge pumping system, contact your locl Wastecorp plunger pump expert.