Primary Sewage Treatment Upgrades

Primary Sewage Treatment Upgrades


City of Edmonton - Primary Fermentation Facilities Upgrade Phase 2


Edmonton, Alberta


Provide heavy duty sludge transfer pumps for facility upgrade


Performance Requirements

  • Flow Rate
    Max. 550 GPM
  • Flow Rate
  • Flow Rate


Gold Bar Wastewater Treatment Plant is located in the City of Edmonton, Alberta Canada. Gold Bar’s wastewater treatment system serves over 700,000 residents along the North Saskatchewan River Valley. The plant’s treatment capacity is 82 MGD (310 ML/D). Gold Bar has several wastewater treatment processes including pretreatment, primary treatment, activated sludge transfer, secondary treatment and more. The upgrade has been a massive undertaking beginning earlier this decade. With plant demand and capacity expected to increase in the years ahead, the City of Edmonton planned on installing the toughest sludge pumping equipment designed for the long haul.


Throughout the design and development of Gold Bar’s upgrade and expansion, the City of Edmonton’s engineering department specified pumping and wastewater treatment equipment from manufacturers with a proven track record. With over 20 years of experience manufacturing primary sewage plunger pumps, Wastecorp was a natural fit for the plant.

The Pumps

Working with Stantec Engineers, the City specified Wastecorp’s severe duty sludge fighters - the HPE1144 quadruplex plunger pump series, one of the most heavy duty sewage treatment pumps available in the world. The pumps were designed with Sumitomo gear boxes and Toshiba motors. Designed with a guided plunger assembly, the Gold Bar plunger pumps feature minimal wear components for 20% reduced maintenance over the life cycle