Pumping Seafood Residuals

Pumping Seafood Residuals


Commercial seafood processing


Specify a pump to withstand salt water wash down and sharp shells on board a freezer/trawler fleet


Performance Requirements

  • Flow Rate
    6 US GPM
  • Flow Rate
  • Flow Rate

Transferring Seafood Residuals

viscera and other seafood residuals on commercial fishing trawlers, there are a number of factors that go into determining the type of pump needed. For one thing, since commercial fishing is done in salt water environments, pumps must have the long term capabilities to withstand wash down, the workload and the elements. Secondly, the internals of the pump must have the capabilities to resist clogging and corrosion from the presence of salt in the media pumped. 


Wastecorp worked with the engineering team of one of the largest seafood trawler fleets on the east coast. The trawlers pump shellfish viscera (fish guts) out of vacuum receiver tanks on board factory/freezer vessels. The specification called for the pumps to occasionally run dry and regularly pass bits of shell about 1/8” thick, stones and more at +/- 5 GPM. The pumps on the vessels suck against a 5 psi vacuum and must have capabilities to pump 10” vertical into an environmentally friendly discharge containment zone.


We see this kind of application a lot especially for crab boats, fishing trawlers and dock side fish processing operations. Wastecorp recommends the Mud Sucker 2BEC Series with a solids handling check ball for this type of application, but more on the pump later. There are a few different issues here that we had to address. First, the internals of the pump needed to be coated with at least 30 mils of Arcor epoxy which helps to reduce corrosion from the media pumped. Since the customer also uses a salt water wash down system, the externals of the pumps must be coated with an extreme duty Arcor epoxy. And, with space at a premium on many fishing trawlers, the pumps have to be compact to reduce space. 

The Design

The new Mud Sucker 2B EC is a 2” ball valve style diaphragm pump technology, designed with check balls to move fish guts, shells and other seafood residuals. To help ensure a long life cycle we specified a 1.5 hp; 3 ph;60 Hz TEFC marine wash down duty motor with constant speed helical gear reducer. 

Why Wastecorp?

With a flex-production floor, Wastecorp is able to quickly meet the custom pump needs for our customer’s applications. Our experienced engineering staff can recommend the kinds of components needed for pumping tough fluids. 


From providing solutions for local businesses or multinational corporations, Wastecorp has the experience of working with customers over hundreds of unique fluid handling applications.

Nothing Quite Like It.

There is nothing quite like a Mud Sucker diaphragm pump. With a variety of configurations, industry ratings and customized options, Mud Sucker’s are designed for one application. Yours.