Spill Response Pumps

Spill Response Pumps


Aqua Guard Spill Response Inc.




Spill solutions for client in Brazil


Performance Requirements

  • Flow Rate
    Up to 160 GPM
  • Flow Rate
  • Flow Rate

Aqua-Guard Spill Response Inc.

Aqua Spill Solutions designs, develops and manufactures oil spill containment, recovery and transfer equipment for their global client base. Oil spill mitigation products include separator skimmers, booms and barriers, offshore oil recovery products and OSR products.


One of Aqua Guard’s clients located in Brazil required a heavy duty pumping solution for transferring 80% oil and diesel, combined with 20% water. The spill response team worked in a remote area along the Amazon River in Brazil. The pumps needed to be able to transfer thicker oil slurries at flow rates up to 160 GPM. The diaphragm (primary fluid transfer mechanism) needed to be resistant to oil, solvents and select chemicals. The end user required the pumps to be mobile and work in conjunction with Aqua Guard’s oil separator skimming and containment systems. 


Since the Mud Sucker’s are working from a barge, Wastecorp designed a specialized wheel mounted mobile kit, engineered to work around the hoses and other equipment on the barge. The pumps were manufactured with Santoprene diaphragms in order to effectively pump the oil slurry, chemicals and solvents involved with oil spill clean up. With the pump working outdoors, the pumps included tier 4 compliant 9 hp Yanmar diesel engines with automatic start feature. The exclusive contoured velocity channel feature standard on all Mud Sucker pumps, helps prevent oil slurry built up in the pump body.