Tanker Transfer Pumps

Tanker Transfer Pumps


Aaron Oil Co. Inc.


Alabama, USA


Transfer crude oil from tanker trucks into 10’x25’ storage tanks



When oil refineries need to pump crude oil from storage tank-to-storage tank, proven pump designs are extremely helpful in contributing to long term productivity. Pumping crude oil is no easy task. The equipment must have robust internals to handle the variety of liquids both in density and viscocity. With punishing operation schedules, having a robust pump design keeps downtime at a minimum as well.


Aaron Oil Inc. contacted Wastecorp for a robust double disc pumping solution for transferring oil from a tanker to storage tanks. The pumps were requested to operate at 224 GPM with a max TDH at 50 PSIG.


Most oil companies look at pumps that have been in service for at least 10 years and have at least 50 similar installations. Wastecorp Sludge Pro double disc pumps are based on ball valve technology that have been in service for the past 75 years. Wastecorp also represents over 18,000 pump installations worldwide, many of which use ball valve technology. Unlike clack valve style double disc pumps with cumbersome swan necks and the possible need to crawl underneath the pump to do maintenance, Wastecorp suggested that Aaron Oil go with a next generation double disc pump using proven ball valve technology. The ball valves help to move thicker liquids like crude oil or sewage with greater ease. The best part is that Sludge Pro double disc pumps do not require regular maintenance. When work does have to be done on the Sludge Pro, the operator can do all work while standing upright.

Aaron Oil Inc. also requested that the Sludge Pro pumps feed into the existing (variable frequency drives) VFD’s at the facility. Wastecorp specified energy saving Toshiba motors to connect directly to Aaron Oil’s VFDs.

Wastecorp represents over 18,000 pump installations worldwide across the world’s largest multinational’s to the smallest businesses. We can help you find the right double disc pump for your facility no matter what the size.

Double disc pumps have come a long way since the old swan neck and clack valve system, which may be notoriously difficult to service.

The Sludge Pro allows the operator to perform all pump maintenance while standing upright. Yes, this means no more crawling under the pump!