Wendover Water Pollution Control Plant

Wendover Water Pollution Control Plant

INDUSTRIAL FLUID TRANSFER: Mud Sucker® Diaphragm Pumps


Village of Wendover WPCP


Village of Wendover


Upgrade sewage pump stations and treated effluent outfall


Performance Requirements

  • Solids Handling
    3" Spherical Solids
  • Solids Handling
  • Solids Handling
  • Flow Rate
    81-85 US GPM
  • Flow Rate
  • Flow Rate


Located near Canada’s capital of Ottawa, right along the Ottawa River, Wendover ON recently expanded its Water Pollution Control Plant (WPCP), with sewage pumping station modifications and treated effluent outfall modifications. The public bid called for the supply of six mechanically driven diaphragm pumps to transfer digested sludge.


With an expanding population comes greater demand from the municipal sewage treatment system. Wendover required proven diaphragm pump solutions for transferring 4-6% solids with temperatures up to 30°C (86°F). The average sewage transfer rate calls for 5.1-5.36 L/S (81-85 GPM) with total discharge head of 10.4-15.2 m (34-50 ft.). Working with Stantec Engineers, one of North America’s largest consulting engineering firms, Wastecorp assisted in design recommendations for the pump station upgrade. This included suggesting two different pump models to manage the varying requirements of the digesters.


Wastecorp was awarded the contract to supply quantity four Mud Sucker 3B-EC Series and two Mud Sucker 4B-EC Series (shown above). Wastecorp was responsible for the design, testing, delivery, storage and training. Wastecorp manufactured the Mud Sucker’s with a fabricated steel base and heavy duty pulsation dampening air chambers. With a cast iron pump body and a 14 3/4” diaphragm these pumps are designed for years of service for heavy duty municipal sewage handling. The pumps are powered by 5 hp; 1800 RPM, 3Ph: 60 Hz; 575 V TEFC NEMA Premium efficiency Siemens gear motor connected Hz; 575 V TEFC NEMA Premium efficiency Siemens gear motor connected to variable frequency drives to manage changes in flow rates and save energy. The B Series Professional features solids crushing ball valves that improve the performance of the pump by sending higher solids on there way without using additional power. 

Why Wastecorp?

There are many alternatives to double disc diaphragm pumps, rotary lobe and progressive cavity pumps. The Mud Sucker mechanically driven diaphragm pump series is a proven performer for WPCP’s of all sizes. With budget constraints for public works projects under stress throughout much of North America, WWTP’s are increasingly specifying lower maintenance pumping equipment to effectively treat digested sludge.


Wastecorp supplies various pumping equipment to over 20,000 WWTP’s worldwide. With pump experts trained on urban and rural municipal wastewater treatment systems we bring the knowledge of our field work to your project.

Nothing Quite Like It.

There is nothing quite like a Mud Sucker diaphragm pump - Wastecorp invented it. With a variety of configurations, industry ratings and customized options, Mud Sucker’s are designed for one application. Yours.