Maintenance: Recommended Care of Your Diaphragm Pump


  • Regularly lubricate moving components with a Wastecorp recommended lubricant.
  • Maintenance kits are available in standard, 6 month kits and yearly maintenance kits. Ask a Wastecorp technical support representative for the right kit for your pump.

Pump Protection

  • Do not leave motors or gearboxes uncovered or subject to water damage. Be particularly careful about water entry into any machinery under freezing conditions.

Longer Term Outdoor Storage

  • Most Wastecorp pumping equipment is prepared for shipment by sealing in an approved shipping carton or for larger models, covering with polyethylene film for protection against road dirt, rain, snow and general exposure to the elements. Clear film is used instead of black to permit inspection or identification of the equipment wrapped. Since clear film will deteriorate and crack if subjected to prolonged sunlight exposure, equipment that is likely to be exposed to sunlight for more than two months should be covered with tarpaulins to preserve the integrity of the packaging until the equipment is ready to be moved indoors.